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Photos: 1.12.2013

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Photos: 12.22.2012 & 12.24.2012

Photos from the 22nd and 24th. :).

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Prima Video

I made a new edited video :).

Hope you like it!

[Please comment, favorite, like, and don’t forget to SUBSCRIBE! 🙂 ]  Thanks 😉

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Photos…That You Have Never Seen

Are you ready for some…NEVER BEFORE SEEN PICTURES?

Well lucky you.

As you know, I didn’t write about my lesson on Saturday…so here are some pictures!

Zazu-Bumpy TROT (so bumpy I got a cramp). A little hard to lope (DEATH TROT) once loping nice. Fast in an out of control way. (not like Cisco).

I didn’t write about that lesson..I don’t know why.  It was a wacky lesson though.  Zazu is a horse that is FAST in an OUT OF CONTROL way.  So I was nearly terrified when we were to lope in groups though, but it turned out to be fine.  I kept loosing my stirrup though.

I’m leaning way to forward. Especially on a horse like Zazu 

Anyways, before my lesson, I took a few pictures…and here are a few:

A cute little mustang stealing food from it’s neighbor 🙂

Jewel (:  🙂

Peaking out 😀

Okay, I had a few more pictures, but those were my favorites.

I did some sketching (I got better…).  I know they are taken with a camera (sooo professional) because I’m too lazy to scan.  So here are some images:

The outline for my Prima drawing.

I know the muzzle is too small :p. D: I messed up on the mane…but I like it anyways.

This one is an old one. I tried to make it cartoonish…but it didn’t work so I ended up adding some details…it looked empty so I added a jump (and saddle for fun.)

Random doodle of a dog. One of my favs.

Anyways, those were some of my sketches…

Some more old pictures that you have NEVER seen before:

Smart Little Matt eating his breakfast.

Me riding Prima in the jumping arena.

Topper…always nickered for me.

Ranger 🙂 One of the first horses I petted. Last time I saw you, you nickered.

Horsie looking at me 🙂

That’s it for now!

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For those of you reading this…you get a special update!

I apologize for not posting (long time no see) because I haven’t been getting much ideas…do you have any “extras” ideas?  Well, anyways, I have a few special updates you might not know if you only read Horse Crazy.

#1: Saturday Schedule

My Sat. Schedule is a bit messed up because my private lesson is at 11:00 rather than the normal 4:00 because Christina had to reschedule…so I’ll be up and awake.  I’ll be at Garrod Farms pretty early (earlier than normal) because I have to take care of Prima.  I have to do all the things before riding her (turn out, grooming, tacking up…)  I’ll assure you she’ll probably be done with breakfast by then. (But I hope she doesn’t have some sort of important “after-breakfast-nap…” That would be very troublesome.)

I’ll still have my 1:00 group lesson.

#2: New Chart

I call it my Prima Goal Chart, because I want to improve on her more and more… Here is one of last week’s lesson:

Spook #: 1
Thing improved: Responsiveness to jogging.
Thing Learned: Raise standards so Prima needs to reach to meet the standards.
Thing to Fix: Turning when asked.

Just a note: mainly she spooked because there were yapping dogs in the barns and I tried to keep her focused…but no.  She “spooked.

I hope this does help me, but I’ll try to remember to put it at the end of each Prima-Lesson Post.  It kind of sums up the whole lesson including things that aren’t in the post.  Like the idea?

#3: YOUTUBE account!

This one is probably the one I’m MOST excited about.  I finally made a YouTube account!!! YAY!  I have a video with me riding in it…and you should get a prize for checking this extras blog… so here is the video:


I’m using a free editing program (Windows Live Movie Maker) so there aren’t much affects and no music (excuse me, I don’t buy music), but I like the idea of putting videos together.  I do want to have cooler effects, but for now, I’m fine with just stringing videos together.

So I do have some video ideas coming up (hint hint…PRIMA).  Now I’m sort of obsessed with posting videos… :P.  So now I feel like putting together a ton of my old videos (I have A LOT)…but…no.

So those are my SPECIAL updates for those of you readers out there.

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GT! Answers-4/5/2012

Yes, we are back with GT!  If you did not come from my GT! post and you have no idea what GT! is…well you should visit where we came from by clicking here, or else the answers would be spoiled (that wouldn’t be good, would it?)!

Here are the answers:


Meet the lovely Pasha.  Isn’t Pasha such a  beauty?  The lovely dark liver chestnut and bright white markings…okay, okay fine, I’ll tell you what breed this beauty is.  Pasha is a…drum roll…Morgan!


Meet Smart Little Matt (barn name of…you guessed it!…Matt).  He is a quarter horse gelding (not sure of age) and he is a trained reiner (a bit).  He is owned by my riding instructor, Christina.  Okay, enough with the babbling, he has a star and a stripe.  His “friend” (not really) CD is peaking in the background.  He had what we call a blaze.  The difference between a blaze and a stripe?  A blaze you can fit two fingers in the white area.


Okay, the one you have  been waiting for.  The one that is difficult and harder than the rest…well what breed is it?  This breed is quite the horse breed.  It was first bred by a man named Patrick Newell.  It was passed on, generation through generation, the little herd of horses that he bred.  Then they sent them to the US and they became an official breed.  If you have been reading my Equine E-Letters you would’ve known from my facts that this horse is quite the small horse, in fact it is a miniature horse!  To be very exact….drum roll…falabella!

So we were back with GT…I hope you enjoyed it and…well…that’s it for now…

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Tug Buddy-Extended Version

Here is my post, Tug Buddy, the extended version:

Hello!  It’s quite a cold day…(isn’t it supposed to be spring?!) and it is raining here and FREEZING!  It was raining the entire time throughout the lesson…so here I am finally warm!  Okay, enough with the rambling:

So it was freezing cold and pouring rain when I got to Garrod Farms for my lesson.  I’ve always remembered whenever there was rain, there would be like this water-fall thing at the north side of the arena where the water drops down from the Arena cover.  I got there and rushed to the Office’s cover to get refuge from the rain.

I saw poor Tug alone standing in the rain.  Tug is a large bay horse with a star and mealy muzzle.  He has really broad shoulders and a long neck.  He is a fairly large horse.  Well…I just happened to be the one riding Tug.  So it is my first time riding Tug and I’ve seen him.  All I knew was that he has a long jog and doesn’t stay in the lope much.  I mounted him and I had to sit in the saddle there, watching them discuss that Tug needed a throat latch.  They said he was doing a thing where he flipped his head and the bridle would just come off (he wears a hackmore).  So Christina did this really smart thing of weaving the halter through the bridle!

But I entered the arena and rode in there (after adjusting my stirrups!), breathing in the smell of fresh tanbark.  It looked quite interesting.  I have seen new tanbark in the arena, but for some reason, it seemed brighter.  Well, it didn’t matter.  After all, with this gloomy day, it made the arena seem lighter than it actually was.  He was a bit wet and scruffy from standing in the rain to get his bridle fixed.  I scratched his neck.  I asked him to walk a bit faster since he was dragging behind a bit.  I bumped with my legs.  He walked a bit faster but still dragged.  A few times, his head was bent so I had to pull at the reins a bit to ask him to straighten out.  A few times while walking, he would lower his head so much it was hard to steer. I had to ask him to lift his head.  I walked around two circles each direction before asking him to jog.

It was a bit surprising at first.  Seeing his large jog when other people are riding him, I fully expected a bumpy jog.  However it was so smooth I barely felt it.  Well, I didn’t feel it for long.  Soon, he went back into a dragging, slow walk.  I asked him to jog again.  He walked faster but didn’t jog.  I did everything before kicking him: click click click click and squeeeeeeeze!  Now a little nudge.  Still no jog.  A little kick….still a walk.  Okay Tug, so you aren’t going to play it easy, neither am I….okay?  So I gave him a kick with a click.

Finally, off he went at a jog.

Now knowing his bad habit, I began giving nudges and small kicks to keep him going.  And he did.  I jogged a few circles each direction before Christina called out, “Everyone going…counter clockwise at the jog!”

I was already going counterclockwise at the jog so I just stayed in my position and didn’t do anything.  Three fourths of a circle later, Christina called out, “And circle at the jog.”  I turned and clicked, bumping my inside leg back a bit and moving my outside leg forward and bumping.  “Good, turn your shoulders.”  I turned a bit more to get Tug to turn more.  And he did.

I don’t remember much of the order, but I do remember practicing jog-halt-jog transitions and Tug did fairly well in the upward transition, but moving down to a halt, he did creep forward a bit.  While doing jogging exercises, Tug sometimes sped up and sometimes slowed down.

Then we did posting jog.  It was quite difficult to post Tug’s jog because: 1. his jog is sooooo smooth that I can’t feel the rhythm too well and 2. he kind of slows down, speeds up, slows down…just slightly.  He doesn’t do it in a dramatic way but it is hard to post with that.  So I had to sit two beats quite a few times and adjust my posting or get him to move faster/slower.  Plus my left stirrups felt a tiny bit longer, but I couldn’t fix that.  One hole up and it would be shorter than the right one.  I just had to live with that.  We also did a bit of work without stirrups.  It wasn’t hard to sit his nice jog without my stirrups.

Then we did something I’ve never done before.  So all the riders rode on the inside and one rider would just lope on the outside.  While other people were loping on the outside, I was having a bit of a difficulty with Tug.  He was going way too much to the inside.  I tried to drag him back at least close enough to the rail, but he refused.  Since he was wearing a hackmore, when I tried to pull him over, it just pulled backwards so he slowed down.

Finally it was my turn.  I gently asked him to go to the rail and he did.  I pulled my heel back and pressed my knee in and kissed.  He went off…jogging…I kept pressing and kissing, trying to remember to check everything off.  Heels down!  Hands low, easy with the reins, bump bump bump!  He finally loped.  I sat, moving with the lope.  Okay…keep your seat light and encouraging!  He broke down into a jog again after a few strides.  I pressed with my heel again.  I made a kissing sound again and he finally went off.  “Now kick, kick, kick,” Christina instructed.  And I did so.   He continued loping.  😀  “Okay, now halt.”  I pulled back, sat deeper, “Whooooaa.”  “Okay, next time, shorten your reins more.”

I nodded.


Next one was practicing extending the gait.  So there were three cones placed in California Speed Barrel-Style.  So it was that we had to do an extended trot to the last cone, shorten to a jog and do a small jog in a small circle around the last and the middle cone.  Then when we reached the last cone again, we had to do an extended jog in a big circle around the end cones.  When we reached the last cone we had to shorten the strides until we returned to the group.

When the first person went, I asked him to move up in the line.  He twisted around and backed up, moving into the pattern path.  I quickly kicked him to tell him that he was doing it wrong.  He quickly complied, knowing that what he did wasn’t something that I wanted.  I steered him to the cone and he did it without hesitation.  I gave him a big pet.

I prepared myself when it was my turn.  I asked him to jog and pushed with my seat and legs until I felt him go fast.  I didn’t know if he was in an extended jog or if he was just going fast until Christina said, “Good.”  I reached the far cone and sat down deep and pulled back on my reins.  He didn’t slow down much, but I kept sitting heavier and heavier and pulling back more until he was slow, “Good.”  I continued until the last cone again.  I pushed with my legs and seat, steering him around the large circle, trying to get his stride to extend.  I made a big circle until the last cone again and slowed him down to a jog.  He quickly transitioned to a walk four fifths the way back to the group.

The second time, we had to do the same thing at the lope.

I only had one thought: Would he break down halfway?  I only had one answer: Maybe.

It was my turn and I asked for a lope.  Surprisingly, he didn’t resist.  He just went.  I reached the cone.  Here it comes!  I slowed him down, trying to make sure he didn’t break down.  Nope.  He broke down half way.  I asked him to lope.  He didn’t go until the cone.  I pushed with my legs and seat to get him to lope.  He did when he reached the last cone.  I made sure to steer him carefully so he didn’t rush to the group.  I pulled him over and around.  It was fine.  Reaching the cone again, I pulled back gently to ask him to slow down.  Halfway back to the group, he abruptly walked..

After that we did cool down, walking around in circles.  It was relaxing because Tug actually walked nice and slow (unlike Cisco and Joe!) and it was nice.  After a few circles, Christina called out, “Okay, change direction.”

Seeing a nice open spot on the other side of the arena, I cut across the arena.  Suddenly all the horse and rider pairs were in the center of the arena, their heads pointed to the center and they just halted.  Of course this was by habit but it looked quite funny how all the horses just stood there.

“Okay,” Christina saw what happened and said, “You guys can dismount and hand walk them!”

So I did.  It was nice to stretch out and walk him, stretching my muscles out from the ride to make sure they didn’t cramp up.  “Okay, help me clean up the cones!”  I saw that everyone headed towards a cone, so I halted him and just stood there, scratching him on his neck.   Tug just stood there quietly.  I led him up to the office and I had to wait.  Because of his bridle fixing, someone had to do it without Tug running off without a halter or bridle.  So I had to wait.

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Horse Profile: Prima

Show Name: don’t know (i once found out her actual show name but I don’t remember it)
Barn Name: Prima
Age: 10 years (possibly 11 now?)
Gender: mare
Breed: Registered paint
Color: bay tobiano pinto
Markings: star and mealy muzzle
Height: 15 something hh
Personality: Mareish at times, sassy, sweet, treat loving, lazy, funny
Quirks & Habits: When riding, and stops for a break in front of people, she loves snorting out snot at them.  Trys to eat stuff in your hand until she finds out it isn’t a treat.  When in stall and not sleeping or eating, her head is stuck into Cody’s stall
Fun Facts:  Prima’s BFF is a TB Gelding named Cody next door to her.  Prima had been trained to do her business outside but then she started doing it inside [:(].  Prima has a habit to play with the muck out things behind her stall (note shovel in picture).  She often knocks her jolly ball out side of her stall (and it’s up to ME to put it back).  She has a classic color of purple
Likes: food, food, food, food, food, food, FOOD!  (especially treats like carrots, peppermints, and horse cookies) and of course pets and attention
Dislikes: Saddles, cinches, bridle, whips, spurs
Location: lives in a stall at Garrod Farms next to her BFF, Cody 🙂



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Stuck in the Saddle 1 Improovements

Read Stuck in the Saddle 2 by clicking here.

I read over Stuck in the Saddle 1 and made a few improvements that I would want to make.  I decided, well, since I have this extras blog, why not post it?  So here they are…just to warn you, some are a little awkward.

First Stuck in the Saddle My thoughts and improvements
Have you ever climbed aboard a horse, rode it and when  you got off, you wondered why you got off so fast?Stuck in the SaddleIn every lesson, I think to my self, Cherish this moment, you’ll be thinking later, I didn’t cherish this moment well enough.  But have I or have I not?  I’ve always thought, the weekend seems so…well special now.  Instead of being at the beginning and the end of the week, they are just one clump at the end of the week.  It seems to me as if Monday is the start of the week and Sunday is the end.I should say, I’m stuck in the saddle and I feel as if I can never get out.  I talk about horses every day.  I dream I “see” I think, I do everything except actually being with a horse.  What is going on?  I love horses, going to Garrod Farms, riding horses and taking Garrod Farms lessons.  I even wrote an entire blog about Garrod Farms! (Tiny Steps)

Being Horse Crazy

What would you say being ‘stuck in the saddle’ means?  Is it a different way of saying…’I’m horse crazy?’  I mean there are five things you have to be to be horse crazy….here they are:

  1. Love Horses
  2. Addicted to Horses
  3. Crazy about Horses
  4. Dream about Horses
  5. Think about horses

I mean like being horse crazy is very simple.  And it is a special thing.  Well, you’ve only heard of horse crazy….right?  Well I’ve never heard of dog crazy, or cat crazy….I guess horse crazy is now an official term

I Googled the term ‘horse crazy’ and out popped a lot of things.  Like…well, a movie, multiple websites, books, a ranch….how much more can you get?  Horses aren’t the most popular animal, but they are the animal many people fall in love with and get stuck in the saddle.

[image removed]

Even my header images are of me riding!  Right?  First it was Kash (above), then it was Easy, then Raider, and now Prima….who is it next?  Annie?  And they are all of me riding!  That means I’m stuck…in the saddle.

Saddle Seats

Maybe the saddle can be my new chair.  But true you can get saddle sore….

Loving Horses

Back on the topic….
It is amazing how in love you can get with horses.

Have you ever wondered why you so suddenly looked at a horse and knew it would be your best friend?

Definitely for me.  Jetta.  The sweet TB bay horse that fell in love with me.  I instantly fell in love with him too.

[Image removed]

And even created special headers…with words of to love horses…

[Image removed]

And if you are wondering, the horses from left to right: Kash, Joe, Playa, Jetta.

Describing Horses

No one has asked me to describe horses in five words.  It would be very difficult considering how amazing they are.  But this is what I would say:

  1. Regal
  2. Beautiful
  3. Tempting
  4. Lovable
  5. Flawless

And why did I choose these words?
~Regal-horses just seem so royal, from the way they carry their heads to the way they walk.  Don’t you think so?
~Beautiful-Horses just seem beautiful, the way their body is shaped like perfect craftsmanship.  Lines flawless
~Tempting-the animals tempt you to do things you never thought you could’ve done.  If you have ridden a lope/canter very fast, you’ll feel you are flying.  And humans finally fly.
~Lovable-just simple when you see a horse and can’t resist petting it.
~Flawless-just look at Beautiful

All these words just put together a horse perfectly…amazing isn’t it?  But they are definitely more words the world can imagine to describe a horse.  Looking at a horse, it is difficult to pry your eyes away.  The soft fluffy fur, silky mane, smooth lines in the neck. Just an amazing animal.

Talking about Horses

It is nearly impossible to not talk about horses one day.  Either it is actually talking, or just a blog, I do it multiple times a day.  Talking about horses.  To anyone, other horse lovers, non horse lovers, and even people I drive crazy just talking about horses.

Do you ever just talk about horses and never stop?  Just rambling on and on about horses?  I guess I’m doing that right now, but this is what the blog is all about right?  Horses!  But I guess my entire life isn’t built on only horses.

Blogging About Horses

I guess I’m taking this a little too far with all this blabber, you must’ve been bored to death.  But blogging about horses is just a thing I do…It seems to me almost like another hobby…I managed to build this blog about horses, you and me, and managed to get up to 5,700 views…in less than a year.

Blogging about horses is a fun thing  to do, you get to read other people’s horsey blog, read your old posts, think about the time when you didn’t have that much readers or comments…

A Little Note

I am surprised you managed to read that ridiculously long post.  You could’ve done more in the past three minutes.  But I guess you chose to read this really long post.  Well if you managed to read through all my blabber, you deserve a prize.

Well I guess I should tell you about Stuck in the Saddle.  Stuck in the Saddle will now be a category.  It will just be ramblings and just stuff about my thoughts on horses.


<–Better beginning possibly?<-Proofread! :P}–Really repeating myself…:P


<–insert examples…

<–well, not true..assumption…L

<–Should’ve been longer…added to another section?  To the paragraph where I had stuck in the saddle?  Un needed info?

<–uh…more examples?

<–Er…might as well put in parenthesis

<–awkward use…should use bullet points.


<–should put at beginning…or was it the prize…

Formatting didn’t quite go as well as I intended it to be. It got really messed up.

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2.18.2012 Photos

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