Horse Types

Horse types can refer size, kind, or what type of work it does.  Here are the three main ways to classify horses:

Way 1:
This way classifies horses by size/body shape.  Please note: ponies/miniature horses are not young horses.  They are just rather different/shorter types of horses

Generally above 14.2 hands high.

Ponies are generally under 14.2 hands high, but some breeds of horse (i.e. Quarter Horse) can be shorter and still be a horse.  They sort of have a “stout” look-deep chest, short leg length in relationship to the body depth.

Miniature Horse:
Miniatures are under 8.2 hands high and are measured in centimeters or inches.  They have horse characteristics rather than ponies so can not be classified as ponies.  In simpler words: they are small horses.

Way 2:
This is a common way to classify horses with the way of their temperament. Note: don’t be misled by their names.  Their names do not classify their temperature of their blood.
Also note: the hyphens in the description are not required I just put them there to be more clear.

Cold Blood:
Often refers to draft horses.  They have calm temperaments and are slightly slower and more gentle.
Examples: Clydesdale, Percheron

Hot Blood:
The are also called light horses.  Hot-blooded horses are easily excited and might have more aggressive temperaments and are full of energy.
Examples: Arabians, Thoroughbreds

Warm Blood:
Some say this warmbloods are a mix between cold-blood and hot-blooded horses, but some say this is just a horse with the energy of a hot-blood but the calm temperament of a cold-blood.
Examples: Danish warmblood, oldenburg

Way 3:
Generally this the least common way to classify horses, but this is a way to sort them.

These horses are lean, tall and speedy.  They have deep heart girths for a lot of room for the heart and wide nostrils.
Example: Thoroughbred

These horses are large and strong and are used for events like jumping and dressage
Example: Trakehener

Show horses often have a high-stepping and animated movement.  They have flashy high-set tails.
Example: Morgan

Hunters are smooth and graceful in movement and have a long low reach when moving.
Example: Thoroughbred

Stock horses are heavily muscled and are quick on their feet.  They have something horse people call “cow sense”
Example: Quarter Horse

These horses are small, lean and are tough.  They have wide nostrils for air intake and outtake.
Example: Arabian

Pleasure horses are well balanced and have a smooth gait.  They are easy to ride.
Example: None. [Pleasure horses don’t really have breeds that fit the description more.]


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