Saddle and Parts:

The saddle is one of the most important piece of equipment any horse owner will ever own.  The saddle should be fitted nicely to insure safety in the horse and rider.  I am going to go over some basic things about saddles and extras.

English Saddle

The English saddle has a low cantle and pommel with no horn.  The stirrup leather is on the outside of the saddle flap.  The saddle is secured to a horse using a ‘girth.’  The stirrups are often made of iron.  The saddle weighs about 15 pounds.

English Saddle has a wide range of specially made saddles.  Here are the common ones:

  • General Purpose
  • dressage saddle
  • working hunter
  • showing saddle
  • Polo Saddle
  • Event saddle
  • Endurance/Trail


English saddles are often put on top of nummahs(saddle pads) which have straps that attach the saddle to the saddle pad.  They also have sheep skin nummahs.

There are safety stirrups which have a rubber strap on the side rather than full metal, bent stirrups, or hinged stirrups for safety.

They also have rubber fillers for the bottom of the stirrups to help riders grip on to the metal stirrups.

Western Saddle

The Western saddle has a high cantle and pommel and a deep seat.  The saddle is secured to the horse with a ‘cinch’ which is tied rather than used with buckles.  The Western saddle has a fender which protects the rider’s legs from the stirrup leathers.  The saddle can weigh different depending on what type of saddle you have.

Different types of saddles include:

  • Western Pleasure
  • Reining
  • Stock/cattle
  • endurance (no horn)
  • trail

Saddles are placed on top of flecce pads or blankets.  They are not attached to the saddle themselves.

Western saddles have wood stirrups or leather covered stirrups.  Some new synthetic saddles may have plastic stirrups instead.


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