Grooming is important, whether it is just to get off the stable shavings and dust or to shed off it’s winter coat, grooming is important.  There are a lot of tools to have when grooming.

  • curry combs (there are a lot of different kinds) have a plastic and rubber one
  • body brushes
  • dandy brushes (different hardness of brushes)
  • grooming mit
  • hoof pick
  • shedder
  • sweat scraper
  • Two sponges
  • mane and tail combs
  • stable rubber and towels
  • water brush


Depends how you groom and what you are doing and why you are grooming, this is how you groom thoroughly:

  1. Pick the hooves.  Always go from heel to toe.  Check legs for any wounds. 

    Body Brush

  2. I would start with a curry comb and use it in circular motions against the coat.  It will dislodge dirt.
  3. Use the body brush and sweep off the dirt that the curry comb disloged.
  4. Go over the entire body with dandy brush
  5. Use a face brush and brush the face
  6. Use a stable rug and rub the entire body.
  7. Use fingers and untangle the mane (You can also use a human flat backed brush)

A few tips and tricks you can use to groom your horse:

  • Wait until mud is dried before brushing it off.  Don’t try to brush it off when it’s wet-not fun!  Wait until it is dried and use a curry comb to dislodge it.
  • Be gentle in certain areas that the horse may not like being brushed roughly.  (i.e. their belly, face)

You should place your grooming materials in a bucket that they sell at a tack store.  It has slots for your hoof picks and two cases to carry your brushes.

Suggestions?  Questions? Feel free to click the ‘comment’ button and put it there!  Thanks!  Please, no rude comments!


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