Care Books


Care books is an important way to understand horses and work around them. I hope you enjoy these care books as much as I did.

Here are a few horse care books that I recommend:

How to Think Like a Horse

Main Information:
Title: How to Think Like a Horse
Author: Cherry Hill
Publisher: Storey Publishing
Edition (of Picture): not found
ISBN: 978-1-58017-835-8

This book describes the horse’s natural life in a detailed way. (when it comes to training/being around horses, the horse’s natural instincts are what determines the outcome)  It describes why learning how horses think, the horse’s senses, the physical horse itself, horses behavior, routines of the horse, behavior, their life cycle, communication, how horses learn and finally training philosophy.  There are a lot of drawings that describe things, pictures, charts, and graphs.

Here’s an Excerpt:

From page ix, the preface: “…Traditionally, many terms describing people that work with horses have have been masculine–horseman and horsemanship.  Yet today, women make up the majority of the horse owners…In this book, I often use the term horse trainer to refer to the human because I figure that no matter how well trained a horse already is and no matter what we are doing with him, we are always training–whether we are adding new behaviors, modifying an existing behavior, or reinforcing an already established behavior.” -Cherry Hill


The Horse Lover’s Bible

Main Information:
Title: The Horse Lover’s Bible
Author: Tamsin Pickeral
Publisher: Firefly Books
Edition (of picture): not found
ISBN: 978-7-55407-391-7 or 1-55407-391-X

This book is a book for a person who wants to detailedly learn about caring for a horse.  It is detailed in caring and tack.  It has large pictures to illustrate the writing, and has a lot of written content.  There are tips and quick references for things you may really want to know.  Some categories it covers: horse basics, choosing a horse, identification and security, housing, feeding, foot care, tack, transporting, grooming, workout, breeding, foaling, health, and first aid.

Here’s a little Excerpt:

from page 6, the introduction: “Horses and Humans have been intrinsically bound throughout the history of civilization.  The impact of horses on early humans-first utilized as food, hide, bones and sinew, and then as a means of transportation-was phenomenal. The recognition of the horse as a means of transportation opened up new unexplored worlds, provided opportunities to find better food and areas for settlement, and made contact with other communities possible, leading to the relationships that were both loving and warring.” -Tamsin Pickeral

Anyone who wants to learn tons about horse care and tack will definitely want this wonderful book.

A book I would recommend to anyone…


K•I•S•S Guide to Caring for Your Horse

Main information:
Title: K•I•S•S Guide to Caring for Your Horse
Author: Moria C. Harris
Publisher: DK Publishing Inc.
Edition (of picture): 1st
ISBN: 0-7894-9198-2

This guide to horses is jammed full of information you will use everyday for your horse.  It is also a great book for a person who is looking into horses as a hobby or a person who is experienced

Here is a little excerpt:

From page 8, the introduction:  “Like many young girls, I was completely horse crazy.  My walls were covered with horse posters, my desk at school was a sea of penciled galloping equines, and my thoughts raced all day toward those beautiful creatures.  Even my bookshelves were crammed with paperbacks on horse health care, grooming, riding, and competing.  I read them voraciously, gleaning as much as I could in hopes that one day I’d be a full-fledged horse owner.  those books were certainly cherished, and their information came in handy when I, as an adult, finally realized my horse owning dream.” -Moria C. Harris from K•I•S•S Guide to Caring for Your Horse

This horse books is certainly interesting and grabs your attention instantly.  It is written in such a way that it never bores you.  It takes a lot of information and efficiently gives it to you.

I would recommend this book to any horse loving person.


Complete Book of Horses and Riding

Main Information:
Title: Complete Book of Horses and Riding
Author: Judith Draper, Debby Sly, and Sarah Muir
Photographer: Kit Houghton
Publisher: Metro Books
Edition (of picture): 6th
ISBN: 978-0-7607-4949-4

This is a guide for someone aiming to be a English rider.  And definately a book for someone who wants to be familiar with their tack.  This book is also for people who want to know their breeds very well, having a section jammed with breed information.  This book covers a lot of information about keeping a horse in a pasture vs. stall.

Here’s a little excerpt:

From page 9, the page of “The World of the Horse and Rider”: “The horse is one of the most beautiful and complex animals and has fascinated mankind for many thousands of years.  The purpose of this book is to capture some of the magic associated with horses-why so many people have devoted their lives to them  It also aims, on a more practical level, to provide invaluable information for anyone with an equestrian interests, whether you ride for pleasure of competition, are planning on buying your first horse or pony, or just love horses.” -Judith Draper, Debby Sly, and Sarah Muir from Complete Book of Horses and Riding

This is my first horse book that I ever owned and I enjoy reading it over and over again.  A book I would definitely recommend to any horse loving person.


(just a side note: my excerpts are mainly from the introduction)


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