Buying a Horse

There comes a point in life where there is nothing to do but to buy a horse.

When buying a horse, there are many things you should look for.


You should have a price range. Pick a price you would pay the highest for and stay with it. You won’t want to buy an expensive horse that doesn’t fit your needs.


Ideally you want a horse that fits your needs. A less experienced rider would want a horse who is experienced and trained. Preferably a horse older than 8.


You would want a horse who has a calm temperament.


Does it do well in traffic? Better with a partner or better alone?

Ground Manners

Is it easy to…

  • Shoe?
  • Load?
  • Catch?
  • Clip?
  • Tie?
  • Cross tie?
  • Bath?
  • Lead?

considering thinking of other ground manners you want to look for.


You would want to know of any bad habits and manners

Why is the horse for sale?

They may have a bad reason for selling the horse.

How long has the owner have had the horse?

If the time is short, you may want to know why.


You will want to examine the conformation. Poor conformation could lead to future injuries and problems.

Health Problems

Does it have COPD? Other health problems?

What does it excel in?

Does it excel in jumping? Hunting? Pleasure or trail? Get to know what the horse enjoys and wants to do. Maybe you only want to do pleasure riding, but the horse is a jumper, the horse may be upset because it enjoys jumping.

Horse Details

You will want to know the horses information such as:

  • Name
  • Breed
  • Description
  • Identification
  • Documents/passport
  • branding/microchip number
  • Is the horse insured?
  • recent injury?
  • Has had surgery?
  • If mare: in foal?

Dos and Don’ts to buying a horse:

  • Don’t buy a horse based on it’s color
  • Do buy a horse that fits your riding level
  • Do buy a horse that is the right size
  • Don’t buy a horse until a vet examination
  • Do do a test ride before you buy the horse
  • Do buy a horse after knowing all the information needed
  • Do buy a horse with an experienced person (some one who has more experience than you do)

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