You should bath your horses once in a while.

If you work your horse really hard, you should rinse them off.   But bathing can be a lengthy process, but fun if you do it with friends!

If you are going to fully bathe horse horses you are going to need a lot of things:

  1. A horse!
  2. Halter
  3. LONG lead rope
  4. a place to wash (preferably a wash rack) (with a hose, water and a place to tie safely)
  5. a bucket
  6. shampoo
  7. sponge (if you don’t have one, just use a rubber curry comb)
  8. sweat scraper
  9. and of course, you.

So just grab your stuff, put them in the bucket and take your horse (with halter and lead rope on!) and go to the wash rack!  Tie your horse up (with a quick release not) Follow these steps to wash your horse:

How to make the bubbly soap:

  1. Put shampoo in bucket (however much it indicates on the bottle)
  2. put in water into bucket.
  3. Swish around with hand as needed.

How to bathe your horse:

  1. With your materials and soap, start by slowly wetting your horse with the hose, starting from the feet and slowly going up its body.  Allow the horse to get used to the water
  2. Lather the horse with soap, using a sponge.
  3. Rinse the horse off
  4. Use a wet sponge to wipe the face
  5. Use a sweat scraper and take the water off.
  6. Walk the horse to dry if needed


Well rinsing is much simpler.  Just do step one!

I hope this page was useful, if you want any more, please comment.


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