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This glossary is for the use of knowledge

These words do not include coloring words. Please visit my coloring page to get coloring words.

Aid: the action of the part of the rider’s body that tells the horse what to do. Example: the weight of the rider shifts back and heavies when the rider wants the horse to slow down or stop.

Attire: the rider’s clothes

Back (also known as back-up): the two beat diagonal gait in reverse

Bad habit (see vice)

Balk: to refuse or cease to move.

Barn Sour: (also known as herd-bound) a vice that the horse bolts back to barn or herd mates.

Beat: hoof-falls in a gait. ex. the walk is a four beat gait, if you walk a horse on a hard surface, you hear the the hoof hit the ground four times before it uses the hoof it started out with.

Bloodlines: family linage

Bolt: to gulp down food quickly without chewing or to run away

Bot block: a block stone used to scrub off but eggs

Bot fly: a fly that lays eggs in the horse’s hair

Bowed Tendon: damage to the tendon (normally caused by over stretching)

Breed character: the “properties” of a particular breed

Breed registry: an organization that keeps track of members of a breed

Broodmare: a mare used for breeding

Canter: the English term for a three-beat gait. (see also: Lope)

Coggins test: a blood test used to detect exposure equine infectious annemia

Cold-Blooded: refers to draft horses and heavy horses.

Colic: a common aliment due to intestinal discomfort

Color: description of body color coat (and pattern)

Colt: a male horse under the age of four

Conditioning: preparing a horse mentally for riding

Cribbing: a vice where the horse chews on wood (see also: wind-sucking)

Crossbred: a horse where the sire is one breed and the dam is another breed

Cross-tie: in where the horse is tied from two ropes from each side of an aisle and attached to the side of the halter

Cue: the signal from the rider for the horse to do something

Dam: the mother of a horse

Diagonal: the pair of legs across from each other. or could be rising and falling with the outside leg. or could be riding across an arena diagonal

Disunited: loping/cantering with different leads on front and back

Dock: the flesh and bone part of te tail

Draft horse: a type of heavy horse (see also: cold blood)

Driving: when a hose or a pony pulls a cart or wagon

English: a discipline of riding deriving from England.

Equestrian: a man or women who does sports that require a horse

Equitation: the art of riding

Farrier: a person who makes and fits shoes onto a horse

Fetlock: the joint between the horse’s cannon and patsern

Filly: a female horse under the age of four

Flank: the area between the horses’ flank and ribcage. Spotted by when the hair of the horse spirals

Foal: a male or female horse under the age of one

Forehand: the part of the horse from the girth forward


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