More pictures coming soon! :)

Instead of paragraphs about colorings and markings, here I will put pictures and…well just simple definitions:

Color Names:
Alphabetical order! ;)  

Bay: where the body hair is brown and has black points (see colorings and markings, black points) (Bay has lighter and darker variations called light bay and dark bay)

Bay roan: a bay with white hairs mixed in body

Black: true black over entire body

Blue roan: white and black hairs mixed over entire body.  Mane and tail is mostly a darker color

Brown: where the horse is brown (sometimes a mixture of black and brown)

Chestnut (sometimes reffered to as sorrel): golden or red brown.  Mane and tail can be same color or a tan color called flaxen.


Chocolate: (mostly found in Rocky Mountain horses) dark brown that is almost black with flaxen mane and tail

Cream: light or dark cream color with pink skin and chestnut eyes

Cremello: very pale yellow all over

Dappled gray: gray (white) with large speckles of dark gray

Dun: tan colored body with black points  has a dorsal stripe and zebra stripes

Gray: born black and turns lighter with age until coat is almost white with black skin underneath.  In old age goes into a stage called flea-bitten with tiny speckles all over body

Grullo/Grulla: smokey gray body.  Normally has dorsal stripe and dark mane, tail, and legs.  Coat stays the same color throughout age.

Liver Chestnut: a dark chestnut

Medicine hat: a pinto with white body and a colored spot over ears and a colored “shield” on chest

Overo: looks like dark color over white.  Jagged edges. normally has white face and colored legs

Palomino: golden coat with white or cream mane and tail

Piebald: black and white pinto/paint

Pinto: white with color or color with white

Red roan: (also called strawberry roan): a mix of chestnut and white hairs

Skewbald: any color of with white other than black. (Pinto)

Sorrel: a light chestnut or chestnut

Strawberry Roan: See Red Roan

Tobiano: pinto with rounded puzzle piece like.  Normally has white legs and colored face

Colorings and Markings Terms:
Not in alphabetical order… 

Flaxen: pale almost white mane and tail

Pinto: two colored (one has to be white! ;) )

Dorsal stripe: a black stripe down the middle of the horse’s back

Zebra Stripes: black/dark stripes on the horse’s lower leg

Roan: color with white hairs mixed in


Facial markings:

Blaze: A wide strip of white down the horse’s forehead and nose.  Has to be at least wider than two fingers

Mealy muzzle: (often found in darker colored horses) when the hairs at the nose become a lighter chestnut color

Stripe: a thin stripe down the horse’s nose

Snip: a white spot on the horse’s muzzle

Star: a white spot on horse’s forehead

Leg Markings:

Coronet band: white on the coronet

Sock: white going up to pastern

Half stocking: white going halfway up cannon

Stocking: white going all the way to the knee


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