C&M Explanations

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Horses have many colors and markings.

Coat Colors:

Here are some colorings, please click for a better view:

Horse Coloring (inaccruate)

Image from: http://gingingray.wantlesspower.com/HorseColors.html

Over view

The most common colors are solid colors.  There are many solid colors but the most common are chestnut, black, bay, brown, palomino, dun, buckskin, and white-gray. There are also can be dapples on solid colors.  Dapples are white spots or rings on solid color.

This is a dappled gray. Image from: http://fallen-leaves.net/2010/04/photo-friday-dapples/

Blanket Spotted Appaloosa

Appaloosa is a breed.  It has different styles of markings.   There are plenty of patters of Appaloosa and this one is a leopard spotted appaloosa with it’s random spots of dark color.  Appaloosas have dark colored patterns on top of white.

Image fromhttp://horses.mediarift.com/photo/view/95


Roans are basically a solid colored coat with white hairs mixed in.   The white can be very thin or thick.  I’ve ridden a strawberry roan who had very thin white.  He almost seemed chestnut.  His name is Apache.  Strawberry roans can be called red roans too.

  • Strawberry Roan (Red Roan): Chestnut and white hairs
  • Bay roan: A bay coat (brown) and white hairs with black mane
  • Blue roan: black hairs with white hairs.

Strawberry Raon (Red Roan)

Image from: http://www.sporthorsesandponies.com/stallions.html


Black horses can turn gray as they become older.  They turn the lightest when they are old.  When the become older, they get something called a “fleabitten coat”


Pinto is a pattern.  Paint is a breed.  Please visit Paint/Pinto to see more.

I didn’t talk anything about Appaloosa/Spotted patterns….-_- sorry.  So here we go.  In this area, I’ll talk about patterns/two colored…There are pinto patterns and appaloosa patterns.  Pintos are rather have two colors in large splatches and appalooosa/spotted are rather, spots.

There are stages in the paint area and different patterns in the Appaloosa area.  I’ll start with Paint.  Paints have overo, tobiano, and tovero (and a rarer kind: sabino)

patterns for pintos from: http://www.painthorse.com.au/register/regn_ident.html




I edited the text in this image because it was incorrect.  It used to say tobero.


Rare Colorings…:

One of the most interesting rare horse coat colors is the Brindle.  The brindle is a base color with a different color striped up and down.    Brindle patterns can have many combanations of colors.


Image from: http://justasplashofpaint.tripod.com/brindle_horses.htm

Silver dapple is slightly metallic shaded.  It is more visible on dark colored horses.

Silver Dapple

Image from: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:SilverRockyMountain.jpg

The Metallic akhal-teke is a fully metallic horse.  (thank you Michelle for mentioning it to me!)  

Metallic Akhal-teke

Image from: http://people.tribe.net/43ae8653-89a7-4d46-b8a6-e7518f3d4473/blog/1a398c8d-962a-47c6-943b-eb4b14fd4484

Champagne colored horses can range from a brownish grulla color to almost palomino.  It is created by a dilution gene.


Markings are basically white marks on the horse’s face or legs.  Here is a diagram:


Image from: http://aliciahargartendesign.com/horse_site/markings.html
Note: I did edit it to change some of the wording.

Leg Markings:

The picture’s white markings for legs are a little more detailed so here’s a simpler one:

I hope this one helps a little more.

Image from: http://www.dummies.com/how-to/content/identifying-horse-parts-and-markings.html

Note: I edited this one as well

Facial Markings:

The  difference between a stripe and a blaze is that you can fit two fingers in the white part for blaze.  Facial Markings sometimes can get really complex and can be really simple. We can keep it simple like this:

Image from here: http://www.inspection.gc.ca/english/anima/heasan/man/avmmva/avmmva_mod2e.shtml

There is also something called Freckles.  They are spots on the horses facial white markings.  They would look like this:

The brown spot on his blaze would be called a freckle.  I know a horse who has more freckles on his blaze than Chevy does…


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