Tobiano Paint

Author’s Note:

 I just love paints!!!!!!!!!! :) they are my favorite ever since I was a little girl!

Paint or Pinto?

A lot of people get these two mixed up.  Here is something to remember: Every paint is a pinto but not every pinto is a paint.  Confused?  Here’s the thing:  Paints are a breed.  Pintos are a coloring.  Both look about  the same, but Pintos can be any breed.  Paints have a long history of Quarter Horses and Thoroughbreds.  Paints and Pintos are both a color and white splotches.


What’s a Tobiano?  What’s a overo?    Tovero?!

An Overo Paint Horse

Okay…these are types of patterns for paint horses.

Tobianos have large often rounded patches of dark.  It looks like it has a white back ground and brown on top of the white.  Their heads should be dark colored.  They usually have a shield like splotch of color on the front of their neck.

Overos have usually jagged white markings.  It looks like a colored background with white on top of the color.  Their heads should be mostly white, often with walleyes (blue eyes). There are different types of Overos.

Toveros are a mix of tobiano and overos.

Paints can have no markings or very little markings.


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