Horse Info

Author’s Note:

I know.  I made a blog deticated to horse things…but I put nothing about horses whatsoever!  So here we go.  I hope you like it!  Color: blue-note.  red-intro.  green-info.


Horse are animals in a group called ‘equus.’  You’ve probably heard of the term: “Horse Crazy.”  Many kids are horse crazy, but not many do ride horses.  Horses are separated into three classification groups:

  • Hot blood
  • Cold Blood
  • Warm blood

These aren’t actually hot blooded or cold blooded.  Hot blooded horses are energetic and are easily excited. (i.e. Arabian)  Cold blooded horses are commonly referred to as draft horses.  (i.e. Shire) Warm blooded horses aren’t a mix between the two, but are the horses that you could consider “mixed;” they have the energy of the Hot blooded horses but the gentleness of the cold blooded horses.

Horses are measured in hands. (hh for Hands High) One hand is four inches.  Horses come in variety in shape, color, and size

Stallion or Mare?  What’s a Gelding?

I once took two of my friends to my farm and they were reading an information card on one of the horse stall. “Coco, M.  Male.”

I smiled and shook my head. “M is for mare.  Female.  You’ll see G for gelding…which is a male.”

Funny you should say.  G-Girl, Gelding.  M-male, man, mare.  But that isn’t true.  But there is more.

Mares are female horses 4 years of age or older.  All mares are capable of breeding.

Stallions are male horses 4 years of age or older.  Stallions are capable of breeding

Geldings are mare horse 4 years of age of older.  Geldings are not capable of breeding.

Foals are either gender and are under the age of 1

Fillies are female horses under the age of 4.

Colts are male horses under the age of 4.


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