Here is Prima’s Horse Profile:

Show Name: don’t know (i once found out her actual show name but I don’t remember it)
Barn Name: Prima
Age: 10 years (possibly 11 now?)
Gender: mare
Breed: Registered paint
Color: bay tobiano pinto
Markings: star and mealy muzzle
Height: 15 something hh
Personality: Mareish at times, sassy, sweet, treat loving, lazy, funny.  A REALLY smart horse.
Quirks & Habits: When riding, and stops for a break in front of people, she loves snorting out snot at them. Trys to eat stuff in your hand until she finds out it isn’t a treat. When in stall and not sleeping or eating, her head is stuck into Cody’s stall
Fun Facts: Prima’s BFF is a TB Gelding named Cody next door to her. Prima had been trained to do her business outside but then she started doing it inside [:(]. Prima has a habit to play with the muck out things behind her stall (note shovel in picture). She often knocks her jolly ball out side of her stall. She has a classic color of purple.  She used to live in a pasture with a horse named Kass.  And apparently Prima and Kass were BF/GF.
Likes: food, food, food, food, food, food, FOOD! (especially treats like carrots, peppermints, and horse cookies) and of course pets and attention
Location: lives in a stall at Garrod Farms next to her BFF, Cody 🙂


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