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60th Post!


Um, this is my 60th post, I’m not quite sure, what to put, or what to say.  Um…



Okay, I honestly put in a random photo.  I opened up my photos folder and clicked on a random photo (and the thumbnails were so tiny I couldn’t tell which photo they were).  Um, so this is Jetta, on one of the first days I came back, and I believe Dyvergent’s first lesson in the 1 o’clock lesson.  Jetta was being a total butt in that lesson.

I honestly have no idea what to put, so I’m just going to put in some random old part of a post here:

 It was really funny because his mane is all weird and half of it was on one side and the other half was on the other side and my friend and I tried getting it to stay on one side…

No, it won’t.  So it kind of stuck upwards.  I used some detangler to try to get it to stay…  I was just like, “He’s jealous of Engela.”  Engela is a Fjord at the barn.  We groomed…well kind of.  He had a sheet on last night so only his neck was dirty.

Um, that was part of the “Fun Day at the Barn” when I went to go help Emily with her show.

So, what to do with this blog.

Well, I’m thinking of posting more random stuff of me just rambling on and on and on and on and on about random stuff, well um.  Yeah, because this blog was meant to be random and for things that I don’t exactly want to post on my main blog.  So excuse me if my sentences sound really awkward/don’t make sense, or if the entire post has no point [like this one].

Um.  Well, I’ll also try to post more, um, and maybe do some “Tiny Step Flashbacks,” where I had a “personal” blog because I was thinking of making Horse Crazy into an informational blog (which obviously wouldn’t work…and obviously didn’t work).  Um, well I guess this is it.


Byyye! ❤


The Awkward Post of Which I have Nothing to Name it With

The title did not make ANY sense at all, whatsoever.

Um.  Just a little update for the people who are reading this…  [which I believe the numbers are little].  Um, I unChristmasfied the blogs… um sort of.  I still have to tweak that header image on my main blog, but the backgrounds have returned to their normal state.  Well, as for this blog, New background ;).

And a little bit about my posting on the lessons.  I have a feel that my posts are just getting worse and worse about my lesons since I can hardly recall what we did in the lessons and plus I have no drive to write about my lessons.


What else?  Well, I guess that’s all I can write about…?



[most awkward ending to a post ever.]


Whoop Whoop!…but then…

Ever since I started blogging I saw other people had a “rate” at the bottom of their post and I didn’t.  So I searched everywhere and now I found where to activate it!  😀  IT was in settings.  So…

But then at the same time WP is all gray now.  I used to have the setting set to “blue scale” and everything was somewhatley in shades of blue but now its in gray. :(.  I liked it in blue…or maybe I’m just used to it.

Sooo. i have ratings set up for this post… so vote ↓ [I’m probably going to get no ratings, if so, really low ones ;)]

COMPLETE updates

I’m not leasing Prima anymore…someone has the Saturday spot.  I’m searching for a new lease.  And for those of you Garrod riders… do you know any western lease horses available?

Anyways, I don’t really like the mash of pages on my blog…and I decided to tone down my blog a little bit maybe less informational things and more of my “personal” stuff.  So start saying goodbye to the pages nested underneath Horse Info and riding.  I’m going to make POSTS for those and those will stay forever posts.  Why am I doing that?  Well, my blog looks more like a website than a blog.  It’s kind of messy and confusing…and I don’t really like the look of it.

And I’m really sorry for not posting recently because I have been quite the busy person.  I hope to post a little bit more on this blog with tiny little updates as I discover things that I want or don’t want to do…

I am making more videos for fun ;).  I have iMovie11 to access at times and I am learning how to use it (quickly) and learning about it’s secrets!  I have made three short “films” so far.  Two featuring the [oh so amazing rider] horselover55255 and two are of me riding Joe (since those are the only clips I have access to because iMovie can only read AVCHD clips…).

Well that’s it.

iMovie 11

Yay!  I finally get to use iMovie 11…well on weekends.  I am sort of a failure and sort of not really knows how to use iMovie… YET!  Key word there-yet.

I tried figuring out how to use it last night :L.  I learned a few things…so no hate! ;].  So…

That’s it for now, really quick, short update, my laptop is running out of battery (5 years old…and counting) so.. later!

YouTube Videos

Here are some videos I haven’t shown you before…

The next video I’m going to make that is an edited video that might be much later probably featuring me and Prima.  It’s going to be with the song (instrumental version) Again by Secrets in Stereo.  I’m going to bear with the Video Pad editor (the SLOW SPEED OF GENERATING PREVIEWS!!!!) and do an overlay.  Tell me, which overlay looks the coolest?:


Just tell me if you like 1, 2, 3, or 4.  Dedication to you in the description for the one chosen :).  And also a dedication if  you have a good title suggestion.  My idea was Back in the Saddle Again.  Since the song title is called Again…?

I’m trying to find a fast, good, FREE, video editor since I don’t really like WMM.  WMM is a GREAT video editor, does all the raw video needs and everything, but just not as great for video editing.  Video Pad is a GREAT video editor but as I said above it is SUPER SLOW.  And the overlay text sucks… :L.

I’m not going to give you too many links or song ideas I have or else they wouldn’t be a surprise… :D.

Comment, PLEASE tell me what you think because I am practically stumped for which overlay I should use ;).  Also, does anyone know of any free YouTube downloads for a rainbow overlay styled thing?  If you look at some of gezzcanezz’s videos she has a cool rainbow overlay and it looks really cool. 😀

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Awkward title…but yeah!

So this Saturday at 3:30 I’ll be having a groundwork lesson with Prima.  If you didn’t know yet, me and Prima aren’t communicating the best during lounging time… :L.   But I hope more time on the ground with her will help me and build our relationship in the saddle as well.

So I hope that goes well….RIGHT!  I’m starting to lease again this Saturday (If I can make it through the first week of school ;()

I want to see Cavalia really bad.  And it’s in my area right now.  I’m trying to get my parents to let me go…but it is SUPER expensive but a once in a life time chance…ERR!

And searching for a THEME!  Right now thinking of switching over to Chunk…but that’s maybe temporary maybe not…

That’s it for now 🙂

Garrods Today???

I may be going to Garrods today just to walk around take pictures of the horses and just visit the horses I haven’t visited in a while because of leasing.  I’m not sure if I am actually going to go but I might.  If I do I will make a post of my favorite photos that I took.

Okay, I have to admit that I am running out of post ideas.  I haven’t been riding recently and don’t really have an interesting stories to tell or informational posts popping up in my head.

I know I have the riding aids but those are hard to write.  Extremely hard to write.  It’s called bringing up every thing your instructor said to you about that aid about doing something without mentioning the other aids that are very important in doing that thing.

I haven’t being taking horsey pictures in a long long long long long long long long long long long time.  First Prima then vacation.  So I hope I do get to take pictures of my horsey friends.

I did have a bunch of posts I meant to publish but now that they are “expired” it’s kind of pointless to publish them now.

Currently doing some editing to HC.  Finding edits to do to HCE.  Noticed the new “logo?” It’s Rey.

Updates and Other Extra Things

Yeah, yeah, those of you who read this blog always gets the extra updates ahead of time.  Here are some updates:

#1: Saturday Schedule

Last week I did have my lesson at 11:00 (I guess I don’t have the steady time of 4:00).  But this week I will be having my lesson at a early morning 10:00.  I have to wake up even earlier than normal (of Saturdays) and then I have to get there earlier than I normally do (8:30 anyone?).  I’m not worried about waking up and things like that.  I’m more worried about dragging Prima out without her finishing her breakfast.

That’ll be difficult.  Here’s what I’m thinking of doing:

Drag her out and tie her looser than normal.  Give her her breakfast while I muck out her stall.

Sound good?

It’ll be hard dragging her out…not to mention get the halter on.

#2: Post Ideas

I’m running out of ideas to post on here…or else all the posts on here will have the same title as the one here.  Ideas…leave a comment.  Here are the types of post I have:

  • Behind the Posts-not many because I most of the time directly write the posts…not some crazy thing.
  • Extended Post-R-A-R-E…I normally don’t have really long posts that I cut down.
  • Guess That! Answers-I don’t really do GTs.
  • Horse Profile-There aren’t many horses that I know that much information about.
  • Updates-Most common…probably

#3: Special Video

I am making a special progress video that is EDITED.  Excited much?  It is edited to Maddi Jane’s cover of Price Tag.  I know that song is kind of old but I downloaded it.  It took me forever and there are a few imperfections, but it was SOOOOO hard to make…hope you like it when I post it 🙂

It’s going to be mostly a mush pot of clips of me riding Prima (some of just with her) with other things that I don’t normally throw into a video.

Here are a few sneak peeks of it:

Yeah, those are new clips from last week’s lesson on Prima.  We are doing so much better 😀

#4: Before Blogged Early Releases

As you may know I started a series called Before Blogged where I write about my experiences before I wrote about them or some deeper insight on the things I do write about.  However (you lucky ducks), on here, I have a page where Before Blogged is all gathered together.

And oh, what more?  It is placed into chapters and it is filtered out of my silly thoughts that I placed in (parenthesis).  Go check it out now!

You lucky people 🙂  Just to leave off on a good note, if you haven’t seen my video of my show on Jetta…:

I know, editing problem at the beginning

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For those of you reading this…you get a special update!

I apologize for not posting (long time no see) because I haven’t been getting much ideas…do you have any “extras” ideas?  Well, anyways, I have a few special updates you might not know if you only read Horse Crazy.

#1: Saturday Schedule

My Sat. Schedule is a bit messed up because my private lesson is at 11:00 rather than the normal 4:00 because Christina had to reschedule…so I’ll be up and awake.  I’ll be at Garrod Farms pretty early (earlier than normal) because I have to take care of Prima.  I have to do all the things before riding her (turn out, grooming, tacking up…)  I’ll assure you she’ll probably be done with breakfast by then. (But I hope she doesn’t have some sort of important “after-breakfast-nap…” That would be very troublesome.)

I’ll still have my 1:00 group lesson.

#2: New Chart

I call it my Prima Goal Chart, because I want to improve on her more and more… Here is one of last week’s lesson:

Spook #: 1
Thing improved: Responsiveness to jogging.
Thing Learned: Raise standards so Prima needs to reach to meet the standards.
Thing to Fix: Turning when asked.

Just a note: mainly she spooked because there were yapping dogs in the barns and I tried to keep her focused…but no.  She “spooked.

I hope this does help me, but I’ll try to remember to put it at the end of each Prima-Lesson Post.  It kind of sums up the whole lesson including things that aren’t in the post.  Like the idea?

#3: YOUTUBE account!

This one is probably the one I’m MOST excited about.  I finally made a YouTube account!!! YAY!  I have a video with me riding in it…and you should get a prize for checking this extras blog… so here is the video:


I’m using a free editing program (Windows Live Movie Maker) so there aren’t much affects and no music (excuse me, I don’t buy music), but I like the idea of putting videos together.  I do want to have cooler effects, but for now, I’m fine with just stringing videos together.

So I do have some video ideas coming up (hint hint…PRIMA).  Now I’m sort of obsessed with posting videos… :P.  So now I feel like putting together a ton of my old videos (I have A LOT)…but…no.

So those are my SPECIAL updates for those of you readers out there.

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