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Dates of Winter

A lot of thing happened in winter.

On December 11, I began riding.  I’m thinking of doing a post reflecting my riding (well, that day is coming pretty fast).  It will be my 2nd year riding (yes, only 2).  So…post for that day.

A little hint: my birthday is on the 9th ;).

This already passed, but I started my Tumblr on the first day of December! ;).

This isn’t exactly in winter, but I started my blog (HC) in March!  So that’s coming up as well.

I hope to think of more post ideas.  🙂



Wr-Blogger’s Block Anyone?

I have writer’s blogger’s block.  So… I don’t have any post ideas or anything.  Basically, I feel like I only post when I have lessons or because of like something else.  But… I don’t want to have a ton of bad quality posts that I used to have on my blog.  So, basically I might just post a bunch of junk on this blog until I have ideas.

I sort of Christmasfied both of these blogs…and I think I might have done a little too much…with the corners on the header, the snow falling, and the background… maybe all a little too messy.  But… well, that’s it for that.

Anyways, I’m trying to get some other random ideas to post on this blog… so…

That’s it for now…

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This is what happens when me and Divergent try to write a post

Okay, I’m not going to include the actual post, but let’s just say it’s just a paragraph long :/.  Here’s the random funk before the post actually started to form:

[insert awesome post title here]
[insert cool post here]
Insert AMAZING FONT ❤ This post is seriously going to be the BEST POST EVAH ❤
click the fonts and at the bottom are add fonts.  did i just type photos? Warning: once you start adding fonts you’ll nevah stop 🙂 lolol lol lololol olakdfhlekrhalksehrfjdlk
weeeeeeee this is ANOTHER AMAZING FONNT <333
WE ARE SOOOOOOOO productive in our post. lol watch one of these convos will end up in the post xD
Maybe …. we might get something done.  lol like a tew sentence post xD  yaaa lololol SO many cool fonts
So call me MAYBE?!?!?!? lolololllol

Limelight ❤ lololol reminds me of like broadway font or soemthing
IKR  I have an idea.  we should have a page where our actual post is and a page where we do random supposedly “brainstorming” stuff. {inserting page break} lalalalalalalaal sooool. what else that was al ll i got
Hey, i just met you. and this is crazy, so here’s my numbah so call me maybe
tag your my boyfriend, my name is carly, but all my doctors, just call me crazy. i made you poptarts with extra gravy… but im a call girl you have to pay me. phsyc i m just kidding, aren’t i crazy, let’s watch twelve hours of chelsey lately
wheter do u get this awesome font?
so so so very very productivvve.

There are a bunch of random fonts.  We a weird.  You might as well get used to it ;).  Okay, so for a lot of the stuf, we are being sarcastic… so…

Yeah.  This might give you an idea of what we are going to do ;). *smiles devishly*

Byye! ❤

Horse YoooouTube

My lonely channel with 7 subscribers:

Oh yeah, 8 if you count my fake subscriber.  By the way, I hate my username.  It’s so sucky… 😉

I have a lot of favorite Horsie Youtubers 🙂

Here is a sampling of what I like (not all are included):

  • equiially
  • gezzcanezz
  • eddiesgun91
  • xPaintTheSkyx
  • saddleupcowgals
  • LoveRavenwood
  • Harlisings
  • NativeHOrse32
  • horselover55255
  • huntin4lifexo

Those are just some of my favorite editors ;).


I’ll post later on today hopefully.

Random Funk

I didn’t know what I wanted to name this post :L

I felt like blogging and you people deserve to get more updates than I give you ._. … anyways…

I wish songs were easier to get so you can use them in videos :L.  But you have to buy them…and yet they might block the video.  SPOILER ALERT (stop reading until the pink line :))

I might want to use these songs in videos: Hurricane, Summertime, This is My Paradise (all by Bridget Mendler), Levels (Avicii), Punching in a Dream (Sven Lebacy remix)…thats it for now.


Wait, yes that was the line 🙂

I guess I don’t have much to write about.  Other than that I have a bunch of fail clips :L.  As in art. :L  I need to stop using that face.

Loping Video…you are a BEAST to film

Awkward title but yeah.  This post is going to completely give away what I’m going to post on YouTube, but it doesn’t really matter much.

I’m filming a new video!!! :D.  Well, not really exactly new.  That’s kind of confusing.  I’m not pleased with my loping video:

So I’m redoing it for fun, but the video is a BEAST to film.  I’ll tell you why.  I’m having sort of an “introduction” part where I use a book and I have to toss something aside and the camera catches it…well guess what?  IT IS HARD. 😦

So I take like fifty (exaggeration :/) shots of it before I get one I even like.  But it isn’t really exactly how I want it…  but I think I’m too lazy to keep doing it.

Then I have a part where I film my book and my book is OLD.  So guess what?  It won’t stay on the page I wanted it to!  I tried taping some of the pages together, but it didn’t work.  So I ended up taping the book onto the table :L

Then tripod woes.

I started off with my classic crazy set up where I stack a bunch of books on top of each other (;)) and then eventually got tiring then had to mess with the tripod.  It just WOULDN’T stay in it’s position so I had to support it :L.

So, loping video, you are a beast to film.

Riding Thoughts

I don’t know if I’ll post it on my main blog or not, but for those of you who read this blog, I guess you get this extra little thing.

I look back at my old riding:

And then my riding today:

And I see a bunch of little problems.  But all of those little problems add up to one, main goal of mine: to become more supple when riding.

Being supple when riding is really important and I realized that I had become more stiff in the entire body when I look of my video last week.  Like both of my arms are higher and stiffer (especially the right one) and when I sit Prima’s four beat lope I look really… I don’t know how to describe it.  My arms are really straight…. 😦  My toes are pointed outwards..

When I ride Prima I’m sitting too heavily in my seat (not supposed to).

So in a nutshell:
 Riding Goals:
 -lower arms
 -soften arms
 -toes forward
 -lighten seat (when necessary)
 -Sit up taller
 -think long and low in the legs
 MAIN: Become more supple in entire body

Friendly critique is welcome and tips for helping me solve my riding problems is welcome as well!
[Should I post this on my main blog?]

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5 Reasons I Don’t Like Video Making

This is going to be my extremely boring, awkward, not really horse relevant post.  But here goes nothing.  Wait… One last thing: this isn’t to accuse anyone.

1: Finding Clips

For some reason, I always have trouble finding the clips!  Sometimes you just find that clip that you must use and you will use!  But sometimes there are no clips that I want to use!  Just…frustrating!

2: Video Rendering

I use WMM and a Windows computer so it isn’t easy to skip through a video because it takes forever to load and it will keep playing even though all you see is a black screen.  So I always have to watch through the WHOLE thing.  Even the boring parts.  Then it takes forever to render a two minute clip.  Literally.  Then there are some really long clips and things like that

3: Using WMM

Okay, I don’t hate WMM like some people but there are some things that WMM doesn’t do.  a) it doesn’t do overlays.  If you see when I had my trial for Video Pad, I did some overlays.  Now that’s over.  WMM doesn’t do video/image overlays :(.  b) you can only have ONE text box which really annoys me like crazy.  So only one line of text at once.  c) it messes up some stuff. Like in my Progress Video, you can see a little skip between clips where the beginning of some clips is paused for a moment.  Sometimes the skip to next video is just really choppy.

4: Downloading

Yes, you have to “download” when you make a video there is a special way of downloading it in 1080p so it can be in a movie format.  Not a WMM format.  So yeah.  I don’t like it because it takes forever.  Yup.

5: Uploading

I don’t know what  I dislike more: downloading or uploading.  Tedious process that takes forever.  I am always waiting for it to finish so it can be done!

But I still love making videos because it is fun :).  I don’t make videos for viewers, I do it for fun :).  [Oh god, I’m using too many smiley faces again 🙂 ]

I know this is a short post, pretty pointless but yep ;0)

Loves 🙂

Posts that I Have Not Finished

Here are sneak peeks of posts that I have not finished yet:

Trail Safety:

Trail rides are fun and enjoyable but it is important to do the right thing when problems arise.  When riding in groups or by yourself there are ways to keep safe and be courteous to others.  However, it is a good idea to ride in groups.

Keep an Eye Out

Keep an eye out for anything that might spook your horse, be an emergency or might give you a problem.  Horses often alert you about things.  For example once I was riding on a trail during the camp and my horse, Joe was suddenly really alert.  I looked at it and saw that it was just an arena on the trails and nothing to be worried about.  Also keep looking ahead for things on the road to avoid, but most horses are good at avoiding things on the ground.

Be Prepared

Be sure that your horse knows all the basics, is able to cross poles and bridges.  Also have the correct materials.  You should bring along a hoof pick, a cellphone (that is charged…but some places don’t have service), bandages, whistle, poncho or plastic bag, trail map, compass, halter worn under the bridle, an extra long lead rope that is tied around the horse’s neck or saddle horn.  Consider carrying around these items in case of an emergency.

Keep Calm

Absolutely stay calm in an emergency.  Overreacting or being tense can worsen the situation because your head isn’t clear.  Sometimes just being calm on the trails is a good idea so your horse doesn’t feel the urge to spook at something.  If your horse is being super tense about something, be calm, talk to him and move on.

Equine E-Letter Issue 9

Appaloosa is best known for their spotted coats.  There are a lot of different coat patterns.  Their coat color was depicted in many different ancient countries that occurred at the same time.  The Nez Perce native Americans were interested in the breeding of horses.  They bred may “Appaloosas”  Appaloosas weren’t known much by the people until the magazine Western Horseman published an article about the breed.