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The Vocalist

A/N: Before I share this post, I just decide to say, I’m not sure if I want to share this kind of post.  I’m not done with this… but here you go.  I’m just looking for opinions.

A little “rider reflection” post. :P.

The vocal aid.  It is quite a useful tool for riding.  And I use it.  A lot.  It started off as just something off to the said, to help my other aids tell the horse to slow down, speed up, or just tell the horse that their doing a good job.  Now it has become rather…a habit.

I use it.  A ton.  Okay, maybe I’m exaggerating, but I do talk a lot to the horses, talking to it.  I just say things to fit the “occasion”


Silly RaideR

A/N: I meant to write this for my main blog but I couldn’t write much because it was a short topic.  I might write more on this topic and write a longer post…but for now, it’s here!

Meet Raider (sorry for the bad quality image…it came from a video):

He is sort of medicine hat pinto.  He is really cute and I got to ride him because my summer camp horse ( 😥 ) got injured during camp.  He has this one thing that makes him super cute.  He does silly, weird things in a super cute way.

1: Ear flopping

He has this weird thing where when he lopes, his ears relax and just flop around like crazy.  He just lets them flop around instead of moving them around.  It’s really cute.

2: Cat Stretching

When he’s tied up to the rail and needs to stretch his hind legs he will stretch his hind leg backward and reach his head forward.

3: Dog/Horsey

He is a dog/horsey.  When he goes to the bathroom, he lifts his leg like a dog….

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Post Ideas…

As some of you may know, I’m on vacation…so I’m not riding (:'() BUT I’m still posting on both blogs (some people may think I’m weird to have this blog). And I do have some ideas.  Here are my ideas listed out:

1: The Riding Aids

I started a “series” long long time ago.  It all started out with The Vocal Aid.  Then I sort of kind of had a “follow up” (not really) called Kick vs. Squeeze, then I finally made The Leg Aid.  I guess I’m going to finish it up with these posts:

  1. Babysitting…?
  2. The Hand Aid
  3. Do I Push With My Seat?
  4. The Seat Aid

So I’m going to finish is it off.

2: Question/Answer

I’m thinking of “copying” (not really) 😉 Maya‘s Q/A posts.  But instead of a vlog, I will have a post where all the questions will be answered and placed on my FAQ page.  Okay, FAQ isn’t really Frequently Asked Questions.  It’s just a page for questions and answers.

3: Before Blogged

I’ll also continue my Before Blogged, but really soon it’s not to become Before Blogged.  It’s to become my riding story put together.  I think I still have to publish my Horse Hike “chapter.”  I also have one to insert in between Learning to Lope and My First Riding Experience, called Different Horses, Different Riding about Rimrock and his LONG neck.

4: Reflection

I feel like I want to write a reflection post about my reflection about riding horses…and what they are like and the different horseinalities.  So…that is an idea on the board.

If you have any ideas just leave a comment!  I WILL (promise) credit you if I use it.

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