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Photos: 1.12.2013

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Photos: 12.22.2012 & 12.24.2012

Photos from the 22nd and 24th. :).

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Photos: 12.8.2012

Photos from today! 🙂 Click to view larger

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Here are some photos from last week. [Just some favorites]

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Those are basically some of the horsey “artisticy” ones that I like ;).

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If I ever did a commentary

If I ever did a commentary (to a horsey video of course!) it would be really weird. Unfortunately I don’t have any examples of my commentary nor would I post “script” but, to show you what it might be like. I decided to do it through photos and captions. Here you go!

Preeetty stablees. Oh yeah, that’s Shoton’s stall. He’s super hyper anad he lopes in his stall.

Pweeety flowers. Oh shoot, the color looks terrible :L.

Okey. It looks much better. Just a lot darker.

POWNY. Come here! Wait never mind, you’re not coming .___.

Hiiiii! You’re a… TB/Draft x!

Hiiii over— FRAME overo pony.

Hi. You have a pretty mane… like Cisco’s!

mealy muzzle mealy muzzle mealy muzzle meaaaaly muzzle MEALY MUZZLE! I love you Chip ❤

GRASS. It’s so pretty. Why does it look fluffy. I wonder what happens if Prima was in there .___.

Sally… coming out of the darkness. I wonder, why are you here anyways?

OMG you are rolling. Why do you look so cute when you roll?

What are you doing?! Okay never mind you’re being cute.

Jewel ❤ You win all the blue ribbons ❤ You're so pretty ❤

OH YEAH. GOT THE CUTE FACE 😀 thanks horsie :3 ^_^

Awwwwh. You’re so cute. You’re so cute. Why are you so cute?

Thank you for standing so still so I can take this pretty pic- hey! don’t move!

Hiii all you ponies outside 🙂

You’re so pretty……… No, I do not have any carrots.

Hi! No, don’t come here. Stay there!

Okay, wrapping it up here ;). This was actually pretty fun to do. You can all laugh at my awkwardness now :3. I’m wondering, do you want another one? I have a lot of photos that I haven’t exactly used…

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I have a lot of pictures that I wanted to share.  So here they are.  These pictures are either from this week or the past week.

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