The Vocalist

A/N: Before I share this post, I just decide to say, I’m not sure if I want to share this kind of post.  I’m not done with this… but here you go.  I’m just looking for opinions.

A little “rider reflection” post. :P.

The vocal aid.  It is quite a useful tool for riding.  And I use it.  A lot.  It started off as just something off to the said, to help my other aids tell the horse to slow down, speed up, or just tell the horse that their doing a good job.  Now it has become rather…a habit.

I use it.  A ton.  Okay, maybe I’m exaggerating, but I do talk a lot to the horses, talking to it.  I just say things to fit the “occasion”


6 thoughts on “The Vocalist

  1. Dyvergent says:

    I dont talk to horses enough….. Ahaha

  2. you hasnt posted here in so long :/

  3. Dyvergent says:

    dude dont let this be so neglected 😥

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