60th Post!


Um, this is my 60th post, I’m not quite sure, what to put, or what to say.  Um…



Okay, I honestly put in a random photo.  I opened up my photos folder and clicked on a random photo (and the thumbnails were so tiny I couldn’t tell which photo they were).  Um, so this is Jetta, on one of the first days I came back, and I believe Dyvergent’s first lesson in the 1 o’clock lesson.  Jetta was being a total butt in that lesson.

I honestly have no idea what to put, so I’m just going to put in some random old part of a post here:

 It was really funny because his mane is all weird and half of it was on one side and the other half was on the other side and my friend and I tried getting it to stay on one side…

No, it won’t.  So it kind of stuck upwards.  I used some detangler to try to get it to stay…  I was just like, “He’s jealous of Engela.”  Engela is a Fjord at the barn.  We groomed…well kind of.  He had a sheet on last night so only his neck was dirty.

Um, that was part of the “Fun Day at the Barn” when I went to go help Emily with her show.

So, what to do with this blog.

Well, I’m thinking of posting more random stuff of me just rambling on and on and on and on and on about random stuff, well um.  Yeah, because this blog was meant to be random and for things that I don’t exactly want to post on my main blog.  So excuse me if my sentences sound really awkward/don’t make sense, or if the entire post has no point [like this one].

Um.  Well, I’ll also try to post more, um, and maybe do some “Tiny Step Flashbacks,” where I had a “personal” blog because I was thinking of making Horse Crazy into an informational blog (which obviously wouldn’t work…and obviously didn’t work).  Um, well I guess this is it.


Byyye! ❤


5 thoughts on “60th Post!

  1. Dyvergent says:

    Heh. This was my first lesson. With Tamara and Pedro. AND YOU 😀 lol i’ve finally made a new Garrod buddy because of lessons.. and it’s great. If you didn’t make your blogs, I bet I still wouldn’t have ever talked to you…
    OOOHHH YEAAAHHH this was my first lesson! Cuz we had Chuck-E that round horsie in the background XD erm.. is he considered round?

  2. Divergent says:

    NAO. why did you not approve my weird commnet? lol

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