The Awkward Post of Which I have Nothing to Name it With

The title did not make ANY sense at all, whatsoever.

Um.  Just a little update for the people who are reading this…  [which I believe the numbers are little].  Um, I unChristmasfied the blogs… um sort of.  I still have to tweak that header image on my main blog, but the backgrounds have returned to their normal state.  Well, as for this blog, New background ;).

And a little bit about my posting on the lessons.  I have a feel that my posts are just getting worse and worse about my lesons since I can hardly recall what we did in the lessons and plus I have no drive to write about my lessons.


What else?  Well, I guess that’s all I can write about…?



[most awkward ending to a post ever.]



6 thoughts on “The Awkward Post of Which I have Nothing to Name it With

  1. Dyvergent says:

    Teehee so many “um”s and all we did for the lesson was trot and lope half the arena, full length, stop at cone, trot and stop at the next cone.. Lol except this week our class had a “assertiveness” issue this week

    • Dakino says:

      lol well I didn’t do any of that xD. Yeah we all did :L. okay, so it’s really weird when Christina is telling me to shorten my reins when I’m holding on to the part of the reins that is hard and im just like, errr the reins don’t bend properly in my hands. And then once the bottom of the reins (where the knot is) was so low it caught onto my stirrups. they should put her in english reins and not Arthur who happens to be the opposite horse who needs short reins. (i had to use a crop :/)

      • Dyvergent says:

        :L if the reins get stuck in the stirrup.. they really should give her english reins while she’s still learning how to be ridden.. NOT as a race horse lol….I’ve never ever seen Arthur before…. and I never got to meet Cabo D: o gawd. massive bed head. i just woke up haha……

      • Dakino says:

        It would be cool if she did English :L. And her reins get really stiff after some certain point, even though it isn’t short enough. I rode Cabo once. 😛

  2. Dyvergent says:

    Lol did it feel awkward writing this???

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