Photos: 12.22.2012 & 12.24.2012

Photos from the 22nd and 24th. :).

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4 thoughts on “Photos: 12.22.2012 & 12.24.2012

  1. Dyvergent says:

    You went to the ranch on the 24?!? Too bad i couldnt come too 😦

  2. Dyvergent says:

    omg ready for my huge comment about all the pictures? here it goes:
    -OMGOMGOMG i saw Raider, Rey, Merlin, Pedro, Soda, Travis, Al, Pluto, scotch, Murphy (?), Cisco, Joe, Centaur, Smokey, Chestnut behind smokey (who was that?!!? wait was that lakota?), Shooter, Jetta (or maybe CeCe?? i saw their head shape that they share..) Rimrock (?)
    – Awwww was that finney, the buckskin with hay/feed on her muzzle???
    – Engela so cute ❤
    – Pookaaaaa ily
    -Kass youre so cute
    – Jewel.. i remember youuuu i saw you bein ridden bareback during the CAT lesson once..
    – OMG that gray horse in pasture with…..errrr a horse who looks like a vaulting hrose that I can't name? is he the one who i took a picture of and then he tried to bite meee???? ahaha.. im scared of him now kinda :L
    – awww its Tigger.. you and the chestnut are really popular in pictures…… maybe cuz you're just like right THERE when people visiting go to the office so they take a picture fo you guys..
    haha sorry… i wanted to fit it all in one comment

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