Hot ‘n Cold


No, it’s not a reference to the song.  It’s just a term used in riding.  It goes for horses and riders.  Here’s the quick run down for horses and riders:

Hot Horse: LOTS of energy, very fast

Cold Horse: lazy, slow

Hot Rider: can get cold horses [lazy, slow] to move faster, quicker

Cold Rider: can get hot horses [fast, energetic] to slow down and calm down.

Every person is different, they could be a hot rider or a cold rider.  Some people just do better with cold horses while some people do better with hot horses?

Here’s a little hint that goes for this post for my “discovery:” I rode Cece again (I still don’t know how to spell her name). :L

After jumping around between cold and hot (or being in between, not good at either) I have decided that now I a cold rider.  It was figured out by riding Cece.  And I realized that I might not be the in between rider anymore, seeing that other people can get Snickers to lope better than I could.  And also, have ridden Joe for two whole weeks, maybe this Cold Rider thing was trained out of me.

But what I have realized that I feel like I have a lot more control of my seat than I used to.  And I found it very useful after having ridden Prima.  Since I first rode Prima in one hand, she wasn’t a neck reiner (noodle necky) so it was all in the seat.  Seat and legs were the only things I could use to get her to turn.  And using the seat is really important in getting a horse to slow down.

That’s my little input on hot/cold for me.  When I notie things start to change (which probably won’t happen) I will update with another post.

BUT before you leave, please take this poll on hot/cold riders:

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2 thoughts on “Hot ‘n Cold

  1. Dyvergent says:

    When we get back we should ask christina how to spell her name Cx

  2. Dyvergent says:

    heh. i dont know what i am… warm??

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