Extended Post: Rocket Mare

I had a really fun ride, but had an absolutely crazy ride at the same time.  I rode the new horse.  I don’t know how to spell her name so let’s just put it as CC.  Just so you know, all the “antics” described in this post are because she is very young.

IMG_2637I lifted my foot to put into the stirrup and she moved away.  After the second try, I got onto her.  As the cinch/stirrups were adjusted, she was very antsy and kept moving around.  Christina had told me that she might not neck rein very well.  She walked very nicely but her control was weird, she walked in a wavy line and I tried my best to keep her centered between my legs.  She felt awkward when she was turning and she did fine when I circled her.  When I tried to halt her, she was really slow to halt.

She kept getting distracted and walking in weird lines.  After walking for a long time I attempted trotting and off she went in a flailing, speeding trot.  I pulled her back into a walk and tried it again.  Again, off into a flailing, speeding trot.  Her trot was b-u-m-p-y.  I tried posting, but that just made her trot even faster.  I sat back, hummed but she kept the same pace.  So I pulled her back into a walk to let myself think it through a little before trying again.  Christina told me to sit back and relax as I asked her to trot.

IMG_2653Christina then told me to ride in two hands and I did.  So instead of being with all the other western pleasure horses along the rail, we were riding in the center, at a fast paced, English trot.  Sitting the trot, my legs became hot from rubbing, and I was trying to sit nicely in the saddle, but her trot was just too bouncy.

I did everything I was taught to make her slow down, along with Christina’s instruction.  Hum, talk to her, squeeze the reins, sit back, count 1, 2, 1, 2 slowly.  In all this attempt, I managed to get her into a controlled jog slightly slower trot.  “You can post.”

I began posting and to no surprise, she began trotting faster.  I tried to Christina’s instruction to post upwards softly and sit down slower and heavily, but it was hard with her jolting trot.  But I managed to get her more controlled.  During “warm up” she tried to lope out on me two or three times.

We did a lot of trotting exercises, but the whole time I was focusing on keeping her at a nice, even, “slow,” pace.  So while on the outside, other people dropped their stirrups and things like that, I just had to keep doing what I was doing.  She tried to go to the other end of the arena and I checked her with the inside rein and she swerved sharply, throwing me off balance.


But after a while, we kept a good pace.  We did a lot of walking exercises, just walking around, before we loped.  I was the last to lope.  She shot of in a speedy canter and I felt my self flopping in the saddle a little.  I tried to hold my self a little better and scoop.  She slid as I asked her to walk but she kept trotting on as if nothing had happened.  One circle later I finally get her to stop jogging and she did a “slip” again and finally halted.

I asked her to back up and she walked forward.  I halted her again and tried backing up.  She backed up a step and half before turning.  And tried doing this over and over again, turning around when I asked her to back up.  She kept trying to walk forward while I asked her to back up.  I asked her to back up and when she finally backed up a few steps normally I let her walk forward.

We changed directions before loping again.  This time instead of pushing her into a lope like I did last time.  I asked for a jog and let her slip into a lope and this time it was a nice lope, like the ones that I accidenlty let her into during warm up.  But as she transitioned she slipped a little bit.  She loped very nicely, keeping a consistent lope.  I was very pleased with the results.

Then when I asked her to halt, she trotted for almost a whole circle, but wouldn’t halt.  I climbed my fingers up the reins as she walked, gradually applying more pressure to her mouth and sitting deeper.  She tossed her head and she finally backed up two steps and I praised her and let her walk forward.

Then we cooled down before dismounting.  As I took her out of the ring, she got too excited and almost ran into the next horse’s hindquarters so I circled her twice before taking her out.

I was happy with her performance but mine?  Not so much.  My form was kind of sloppy.  My legs were sticking out.  My hands moved up and down and the inside one was always lower than the outside hand.  My heels were level and my seat was really unsteady. :L.

Anyways, she was really fun to ride and amazing.  I still don’t know how to spell her name :/


One thought on “Extended Post: Rocket Mare

  1. Divergent says:

    she’s so cute still…… ❤ lololol sent my neighbor a pic of her.. she agreed. This mare looks like a Thoroughbred

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