Wr-Blogger’s Block Anyone?

I have writer’s blogger’s block.  So… I don’t have any post ideas or anything.  Basically, I feel like I only post when I have lessons or because of like something else.  But… I don’t want to have a ton of bad quality posts that I used to have on my blog.  So, basically I might just post a bunch of junk on this blog until I have ideas.

I sort of Christmasfied both of these blogs…and I think I might have done a little too much…with the corners on the header, the snow falling, and the background… maybe all a little too messy.  But… well, that’s it for that.

Anyways, I’m trying to get some other random ideas to post on this blog… so…

That’s it for now…


3 thoughts on “Wr-Blogger’s Block Anyone?

  1. Divergent says:

    same i have blogger’s and writer’s block… i hate the speech contest xD

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