This is what happens when me and Divergent try to write a post

Okay, I’m not going to include the actual post, but let’s just say it’s just a paragraph long :/.  Here’s the random funk before the post actually started to form:

[insert awesome post title here]
[insert cool post here]
Insert AMAZING FONT ❤ This post is seriously going to be the BEST POST EVAH ❤
click the fonts and at the bottom are add fonts.  did i just type photos? Warning: once you start adding fonts you’ll nevah stop 🙂 lolol lol lololol olakdfhlekrhalksehrfjdlk
weeeeeeee this is ANOTHER AMAZING FONNT <333
WE ARE SOOOOOOOO productive in our post. lol watch one of these convos will end up in the post xD
Maybe …. we might get something done.  lol like a tew sentence post xD  yaaa lololol SO many cool fonts
So call me MAYBE?!?!?!? lolololllol

Limelight ❤ lololol reminds me of like broadway font or soemthing
IKR  I have an idea.  we should have a page where our actual post is and a page where we do random supposedly “brainstorming” stuff. {inserting page break} lalalalalalalaal sooool. what else that was al ll i got
Hey, i just met you. and this is crazy, so here’s my numbah so call me maybe
tag your my boyfriend, my name is carly, but all my doctors, just call me crazy. i made you poptarts with extra gravy… but im a call girl you have to pay me. phsyc i m just kidding, aren’t i crazy, let’s watch twelve hours of chelsey lately
wheter do u get this awesome font?
so so so very very productivvve.

There are a bunch of random fonts.  We a weird.  You might as well get used to it ;).  Okay, so for a lot of the stuf, we are being sarcastic… so…

Yeah.  This might give you an idea of what we are going to do ;). *smiles devishly*

Byye! ❤


3 thoughts on “This is what happens when me and Divergent try to write a post

  1. Divergent says:

    Hahaha… I shud reblog this 😀 it doesnt do as much when you can’t see the fonts.. lol

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