Random Funk

I didn’t know what I wanted to name this post :L

I felt like blogging and you people deserve to get more updates than I give you ._. … anyways…

I wish songs were easier to get so you can use them in videos :L.  But you have to buy them…and yet they might block the video.  SPOILER ALERT (stop reading until the pink line :))

I might want to use these songs in videos: Hurricane, Summertime, This is My Paradise (all by Bridget Mendler), Levels (Avicii), Punching in a Dream (Sven Lebacy remix)…thats it for now.


Wait, yes that was the line 🙂

I guess I don’t have much to write about.  Other than that I have a bunch of fail clips :L.  As in art. :L  I need to stop using that face.


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