Loping Video…you are a BEAST to film

Awkward title but yeah.  This post is going to completely give away what I’m going to post on YouTube, but it doesn’t really matter much.

I’m filming a new video!!! :D.  Well, not really exactly new.  That’s kind of confusing.  I’m not pleased with my loping video:

So I’m redoing it for fun, but the video is a BEAST to film.  I’ll tell you why.  I’m having sort of an “introduction” part where I use a book and I have to toss something aside and the camera catches it…well guess what?  IT IS HARD. 😦

So I take like fifty (exaggeration :/) shots of it before I get one I even like.  But it isn’t really exactly how I want it…  but I think I’m too lazy to keep doing it.

Then I have a part where I film my book and my book is OLD.  So guess what?  It won’t stay on the page I wanted it to!  I tried taping some of the pages together, but it didn’t work.  So I ended up taping the book onto the table :L

Then tripod woes.

I started off with my classic crazy set up where I stack a bunch of books on top of each other (;)) and then eventually got tiring then had to mess with the tripod.  It just WOULDN’T stay in it’s position so I had to support it :L.

So, loping video, you are a beast to film.


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