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Whoop Whoop!…but then…

Ever since I started blogging I saw other people had a “rate” at the bottom of their post and I didn’t.  So I searched everywhere and now I found where to activate it!  😀  IT was in settings.  So…

But then at the same time WP is all gray now.  I used to have the setting set to “blue scale” and everything was somewhatley in shades of blue but now its in gray. :(.  I liked it in blue…or maybe I’m just used to it.

Sooo. i have ratings set up for this post… so vote ↓ [I’m probably going to get no ratings, if so, really low ones ;)]


COMPLETE updates

I’m not leasing Prima anymore…someone has the Saturday spot.  I’m searching for a new lease.  And for those of you Garrod riders… do you know any western lease horses available?

Anyways, I don’t really like the mash of pages on my blog…and I decided to tone down my blog a little bit maybe less informational things and more of my “personal” stuff.  So start saying goodbye to the pages nested underneath Horse Info and riding.  I’m going to make POSTS for those and those will stay forever posts.  Why am I doing that?  Well, my blog looks more like a website than a blog.  It’s kind of messy and confusing…and I don’t really like the look of it.

And I’m really sorry for not posting recently because I have been quite the busy person.  I hope to post a little bit more on this blog with tiny little updates as I discover things that I want or don’t want to do…

I am making more videos for fun ;).  I have iMovie11 to access at times and I am learning how to use it (quickly) and learning about it’s secrets!  I have made three short “films” so far.  Two featuring the [oh so amazing rider] horselover55255 and two are of me riding Joe (since those are the only clips I have access to because iMovie can only read AVCHD clips…).

Well that’s it.

iMovie 11

Yay!  I finally get to use iMovie 11…well on weekends.  I am sort of a failure and sort of not really knows how to use iMovie… YET!  Key word there-yet.

I tried figuring out how to use it last night :L.  I learned a few things…so no hate! ;].  So…

That’s it for now, really quick, short update, my laptop is running out of battery (5 years old…and counting) so.. later!


Here are some photos from my lesson:

She was super lazy that day and I didn’t exactly have a productive lesson.


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Horse YoooouTube

My lonely channel with 7 subscribers:

Oh yeah, 8 if you count my fake subscriber.  By the way, I hate my username.  It’s so sucky… 😉

I have a lot of favorite Horsie Youtubers 🙂

Here is a sampling of what I like (not all are included):

  • equiially
  • gezzcanezz
  • eddiesgun91
  • xPaintTheSkyx
  • saddleupcowgals
  • LoveRavenwood
  • Harlisings
  • NativeHOrse32
  • horselover55255
  • huntin4lifexo

Those are just some of my favorite editors ;).


I’ll post later on today hopefully.

Random Funk

I didn’t know what I wanted to name this post :L

I felt like blogging and you people deserve to get more updates than I give you ._. … anyways…

I wish songs were easier to get so you can use them in videos :L.  But you have to buy them…and yet they might block the video.  SPOILER ALERT (stop reading until the pink line :))

I might want to use these songs in videos: Hurricane, Summertime, This is My Paradise (all by Bridget Mendler), Levels (Avicii), Punching in a Dream (Sven Lebacy remix)…thats it for now.


Wait, yes that was the line 🙂

I guess I don’t have much to write about.  Other than that I have a bunch of fail clips :L.  As in art. :L  I need to stop using that face.

Loping Video…you are a BEAST to film

Awkward title but yeah.  This post is going to completely give away what I’m going to post on YouTube, but it doesn’t really matter much.

I’m filming a new video!!! :D.  Well, not really exactly new.  That’s kind of confusing.  I’m not pleased with my loping video:

So I’m redoing it for fun, but the video is a BEAST to film.  I’ll tell you why.  I’m having sort of an “introduction” part where I use a book and I have to toss something aside and the camera catches it…well guess what?  IT IS HARD. 😦

So I take like fifty (exaggeration :/) shots of it before I get one I even like.  But it isn’t really exactly how I want it…  but I think I’m too lazy to keep doing it.

Then I have a part where I film my book and my book is OLD.  So guess what?  It won’t stay on the page I wanted it to!  I tried taping some of the pages together, but it didn’t work.  So I ended up taping the book onto the table :L

Then tripod woes.

I started off with my classic crazy set up where I stack a bunch of books on top of each other (;)) and then eventually got tiring then had to mess with the tripod.  It just WOULDN’T stay in it’s position so I had to support it :L.

So, loping video, you are a beast to film.

Prima Video

I made a new edited video :).

Hope you like it!

[Please comment, favorite, like, and don’t forget to SUBSCRIBE! 🙂 ]  Thanks 😉

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