5 Reasons I Don’t Like Video Making

This is going to be my extremely boring, awkward, not really horse relevant post.  But here goes nothing.  Wait… One last thing: this isn’t to accuse anyone.

1: Finding Clips

For some reason, I always have trouble finding the clips!  Sometimes you just find that clip that you must use and you will use!  But sometimes there are no clips that I want to use!  Just…frustrating!

2: Video Rendering

I use WMM and a Windows computer so it isn’t easy to skip through a video because it takes forever to load and it will keep playing even though all you see is a black screen.  So I always have to watch through the WHOLE thing.  Even the boring parts.  Then it takes forever to render a two minute clip.  Literally.  Then there are some really long clips and things like that

3: Using WMM

Okay, I don’t hate WMM like some people but there are some things that WMM doesn’t do.  a) it doesn’t do overlays.  If you see when I had my trial for Video Pad, I did some overlays.  Now that’s over.  WMM doesn’t do video/image overlays :(.  b) you can only have ONE text box which really annoys me like crazy.  So only one line of text at once.  c) it messes up some stuff. Like in my Progress Video, you can see a little skip between clips where the beginning of some clips is paused for a moment.  Sometimes the skip to next video is just really choppy.

4: Downloading

Yes, you have to “download” when you make a video there is a special way of downloading it in 1080p so it can be in a movie format.  Not a WMM format.  So yeah.  I don’t like it because it takes forever.  Yup.

5: Uploading

I don’t know what  I dislike more: downloading or uploading.  Tedious process that takes forever.  I am always waiting for it to finish so it can be done!

But I still love making videos because it is fun :).  I don’t make videos for viewers, I do it for fun :).  [Oh god, I’m using too many smiley faces again 🙂 ]

I know this is a short post, pretty pointless but yep ;0)

Loves 🙂


2 thoughts on “5 Reasons I Don’t Like Video Making

  1. Divergent says:

    nice nose at the end dx

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