Buckle Series Funb

Ha.  No, I didn’t compete.  I helped my friend with her horse, Kass…well AKA Kassian.  He is a cute, adorable litt.le boy.  It was really funny because his mane is all weird and half of it was on one side and the other half was on the other side and my friend and I tried getting it to stay on one side…

No, it won’t.  So it kind of stuck upwards.  I used some detangler to try to get it to stay…  I was just like, “He’s jealous of Engela.”  Engela is a Fjord at the barn.  We groomed…well kind of.  He had a sheet on last night so only his neck was dirty.

My friend showed and then we came back and my friend told me to untack….and she rides English so I had no idea what I was doing.  I just undid the billet straps and took off the girth.  I was a fail.

Rinse down then cleaning the pasture.

When we were walking to the office area we saw a horse with a huge mowhawk and I couldn’t help but say, “Be jealous, Kass!”

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5 thoughts on “Buckle Series Funb

  1. Ally says:

    What were her results?

  2. Divergent says:

    yes… There was a horse at Calero named Mohawk…

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