Posts that I Have Not Finished

Here are sneak peeks of posts that I have not finished yet:

Trail Safety:

Trail rides are fun and enjoyable but it is important to do the right thing when problems arise.  When riding in groups or by yourself there are ways to keep safe and be courteous to others.  However, it is a good idea to ride in groups.

Keep an Eye Out

Keep an eye out for anything that might spook your horse, be an emergency or might give you a problem.  Horses often alert you about things.  For example once I was riding on a trail during the camp and my horse, Joe was suddenly really alert.  I looked at it and saw that it was just an arena on the trails and nothing to be worried about.  Also keep looking ahead for things on the road to avoid, but most horses are good at avoiding things on the ground.

Be Prepared

Be sure that your horse knows all the basics, is able to cross poles and bridges.  Also have the correct materials.  You should bring along a hoof pick, a cellphone (that is charged…but some places don’t have service), bandages, whistle, poncho or plastic bag, trail map, compass, halter worn under the bridle, an extra long lead rope that is tied around the horse’s neck or saddle horn.  Consider carrying around these items in case of an emergency.

Keep Calm

Absolutely stay calm in an emergency.  Overreacting or being tense can worsen the situation because your head isn’t clear.  Sometimes just being calm on the trails is a good idea so your horse doesn’t feel the urge to spook at something.  If your horse is being super tense about something, be calm, talk to him and move on.

Equine E-Letter Issue 9

Appaloosa is best known for their spotted coats.  There are a lot of different coat patterns.  Their coat color was depicted in many different ancient countries that occurred at the same time.  The Nez Perce native Americans were interested in the breeding of horses.  They bred may “Appaloosas”  Appaloosas weren’t known much by the people until the magazine Western Horseman published an article about the breed.



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