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Here are some videos I haven’t shown you before…

The next video I’m going to make that is an edited video that might be much later probably featuring me and Prima.  It’s going to be with the song (instrumental version) Again by Secrets in Stereo.  I’m going to bear with the Video Pad editor (the SLOW SPEED OF GENERATING PREVIEWS!!!!) and do an overlay.  Tell me, which overlay looks the coolest?:


Just tell me if you like 1, 2, 3, or 4.  Dedication to you in the description for the one chosen :).  And also a dedication if  you have a good title suggestion.  My idea was Back in the Saddle Again.  Since the song title is called Again…?

I’m trying to find a fast, good, FREE, video editor since I don’t really like WMM.  WMM is a GREAT video editor, does all the raw video needs and everything, but just not as great for video editing.  Video Pad is a GREAT video editor but as I said above it is SUPER SLOW.  And the overlay text sucks… :L.

I’m not going to give you too many links or song ideas I have or else they wouldn’t be a surprise… :D.

Comment, PLEASE tell me what you think because I am practically stumped for which overlay I should use ;).  Also, does anyone know of any free YouTube downloads for a rainbow overlay styled thing?  If you look at some of gezzcanezz’s videos she has a cool rainbow overlay and it looks really cool. 😀

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