Awkward title…but yeah!

So this Saturday at 3:30 I’ll be having a groundwork lesson with Prima.  If you didn’t know yet, me and Prima aren’t communicating the best during lounging time… :L.   But I hope more time on the ground with her will help me and build our relationship in the saddle as well.

So I hope that goes well….RIGHT!  I’m starting to lease again this Saturday (If I can make it through the first week of school ;()

I want to see Cavalia really bad.  And it’s in my area right now.  I’m trying to get my parents to let me go…but it is SUPER expensive but a once in a life time chance…ERR!

And searching for a THEME!  Right now thinking of switching over to Chunk…but that’s maybe temporary maybe not…

That’s it for now 🙂


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