Bye Bye Group Lessons :'(

I meant to post more on this blog but I didn’t 😦 Sorry!

You probably haven’t heard…but I decided to quit group lessons.  I loved being in the group lessons, it was so fun but it just didn’t work out…

I think mostly because of the costs.  Group lessons are cheap alone, but combine them with leasing and weekly private lessons and the prices do go pretty high.

Group lessons: $35 per week
Lease: $25 per week
Private lessons: $40 per week
Total: $100 per week

Not good…Taking out group lessons can cut out part of the money…and make it a bit more affordable.  I loved being in the group lessons and wish I could continue it, but that isn’t really the case…

I find this often a pattern for riders at Garrod Farms … They start off with group lessons, go through all the levels and then find this barrier they want to cross.  They decided to look for a lease horse.  They go try lease horses, maybe trying a few or just one before finding the perfect one.  Then there comes the time to stop group lessons.

I’m also thinking of either Pony Club ($$$) or joining Prima in group lessons…

I will really miss all the lesson guys and all the memorable moments we had together…

Well, that is it for now…give you an update later!

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2 thoughts on “Bye Bye Group Lessons :'(

  1. Divergent says:

    wow i dint know it was that expenseive!

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