YouTube Video Ideas

I have some YouTube video ideas…

First off, you might have notice that I haven’t posted a group lesson video in a little. I’m planning on waiting a little and then mashing all the lessons together. Maybe ever four lessons? I would still be making Prima videos every week though.

Progress videos on Prima maybe every few months? Then a year? Progress videos would basically be showing clips through out my leases…and edited! My last progress video was terrible :p (okay, it wasn’t terrible but it wasn’t good…). That sounds fun.

Mashups (idea from MayaPapaya) would be clips from my past videos put together…and edited.

But trust me, I would probably have a lot more unedited videos than edited. Then I hope to have videos of me riding with my friends that have YouTube accounts…

Grrrr…I wrote this three times and the iPad wasn’t saving it :0

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