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Silly RaideR

A/N: I meant to write this for my main blog but I couldn’t write much because it was a short topic.  I might write more on this topic and write a longer post…but for now, it’s here!

Meet Raider (sorry for the bad quality image…it came from a video):

He is sort of medicine hat pinto.  He is really cute and I got to ride him because my summer camp horse ( 😥 ) got injured during camp.  He has this one thing that makes him super cute.  He does silly, weird things in a super cute way.

1: Ear flopping

He has this weird thing where when he lopes, his ears relax and just flop around like crazy.  He just lets them flop around instead of moving them around.  It’s really cute.

2: Cat Stretching

When he’s tied up to the rail and needs to stretch his hind legs he will stretch his hind leg backward and reach his head forward.

3: Dog/Horsey

He is a dog/horsey.  When he goes to the bathroom, he lifts his leg like a dog….

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Bye Bye Group Lessons :'(

I meant to post more on this blog but I didn’t 😦 Sorry!

You probably haven’t heard…but I decided to quit group lessons.  I loved being in the group lessons, it was so fun but it just didn’t work out…

I think mostly because of the costs.  Group lessons are cheap alone, but combine them with leasing and weekly private lessons and the prices do go pretty high.

Group lessons: $35 per week
Lease: $25 per week
Private lessons: $40 per week
Total: $100 per week

Not good…Taking out group lessons can cut out part of the money…and make it a bit more affordable.  I loved being in the group lessons and wish I could continue it, but that isn’t really the case…

I find this often a pattern for riders at Garrod Farms … They start off with group lessons, go through all the levels and then find this barrier they want to cross.  They decided to look for a lease horse.  They go try lease horses, maybe trying a few or just one before finding the perfect one.  Then there comes the time to stop group lessons.

I’m also thinking of either Pony Club ($$$) or joining Prima in group lessons…

I will really miss all the lesson guys and all the memorable moments we had together…

Well, that is it for now…give you an update later!

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YouTube Video Ideas

I have some YouTube video ideas…

First off, you might have notice that I haven’t posted a group lesson video in a little. I’m planning on waiting a little and then mashing all the lessons together. Maybe ever four lessons? I would still be making Prima videos every week though.

Progress videos on Prima maybe every few months? Then a year? Progress videos would basically be showing clips through out my leases…and edited! My last progress video was terrible :p (okay, it wasn’t terrible but it wasn’t good…). That sounds fun.

Mashups (idea from MayaPapaya) would be clips from my past videos put together…and edited.

But trust me, I would probably have a lot more unedited videos than edited. Then I hope to have videos of me riding with my friends that have YouTube accounts…

Grrrr…I wrote this three times and the iPad wasn’t saving it :0

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