Sneak Peek-Horseinality Reflection

[Here is a post that I am currently writing called “Horsinality Reflection” where I write about “horseinalities.” Here are a few short clips of the posts to get you a bit excited. I put an ellipsis wherever I took out some of the text ]

Horseinality /hawrsiˈnalitē/ (Noun) The combination of characteristics and/or qualities that form an individual equine’s distinctive character.

1. The Lazy Slow Poke

This is the horse that tries to go as slow as possible and drags it’s feet in the ground. The horse that you need to kick a lot and the horse that gets your legs tired. The one your instructor hands a crop to you when you are on them.

Garrod Farms Examples: Topper Tonic Al

2. The High-strung, speedy Gonzales

The horse that races ahead jumps ahead at any cue to go faster. This is the one that you jolt around on from speediness and have to constantly ask it to slow down.

Garrod Farms Examples: (there are a lot but here are some primes) Cisco Travis Joe

There is a feature of a horse that I really like is control of speed. Like if you want the horse to go fast it’ll go fast but if you want it to slow down it will slow down. I found that feature in Jetta and Star.

I also like horses that have comfortable gaits. Lakota has the best jog ever but Elko has the best lope ever. I don’t feel like I like any horse’s walk better but I do like a horse that doesn’t walk like it’s a parade all the time. (JOE!!!) 😉


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