Post Ideas…

As some of you may know, I’m on vacation…so I’m not riding (:'() BUT I’m still posting on both blogs (some people may think I’m weird to have this blog). And I do have some ideas.  Here are my ideas listed out:

1: The Riding Aids

I started a “series” long long time ago.  It all started out with The Vocal Aid.  Then I sort of kind of had a “follow up” (not really) called Kick vs. Squeeze, then I finally made The Leg Aid.  I guess I’m going to finish it up with these posts:

  1. Babysitting…?
  2. The Hand Aid
  3. Do I Push With My Seat?
  4. The Seat Aid

So I’m going to finish is it off.

2: Question/Answer

I’m thinking of “copying” (not really) 😉 Maya‘s Q/A posts.  But instead of a vlog, I will have a post where all the questions will be answered and placed on my FAQ page.  Okay, FAQ isn’t really Frequently Asked Questions.  It’s just a page for questions and answers.

3: Before Blogged

I’ll also continue my Before Blogged, but really soon it’s not to become Before Blogged.  It’s to become my riding story put together.  I think I still have to publish my Horse Hike “chapter.”  I also have one to insert in between Learning to Lope and My First Riding Experience, called Different Horses, Different Riding about Rimrock and his LONG neck.

4: Reflection

I feel like I want to write a reflection post about my reflection about riding horses…and what they are like and the different horseinalities.  So…that is an idea on the board.

If you have any ideas just leave a comment!  I WILL (promise) credit you if I use it.

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11 thoughts on “Post Ideas…

  1. Divergent says:

    I’d love to see a post on the seat aid, since we had to do a seat steering activity, and i wa riding the massive monster Elko!!! And he wouldnt stop with seat… Only horse that wouldnt. Maybe its my problems using seat?

    • Dakino says:

      Is Elko your mount? Ahaha, when we were doing the Emergency dismount, christina had to help me walk Elko b/c he would halt once I decides to drop my stirrups and reins. I’ll try working on it but it’s hard to type on an iPad.

      • Divergent says:

        LOL really???? We emergency dismounted from the stand and i walked away from elko on musical horses, and elkostarted followin me!! Ya hes my mount. I know how u feel, im typing from my iphOne weirdly

  2. Divergent says:

    Saw prima tody while we were in vista!!:) shes soo pretty

  3. Divergent says:

    Rimrock has a long neck????ill check that out today! Lucky me hes in my camp

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