Photos…That You Have Never Seen

Are you ready for some…NEVER BEFORE SEEN PICTURES?

Well lucky you.

As you know, I didn’t write about my lesson on Saturday…so here are some pictures!

Zazu-Bumpy TROT (so bumpy I got a cramp). A little hard to lope (DEATH TROT) once loping nice. Fast in an out of control way. (not like Cisco).

I didn’t write about that lesson..I don’t know why.  It was a wacky lesson though.  Zazu is a horse that is FAST in an OUT OF CONTROL way.  So I was nearly terrified when we were to lope in groups though, but it turned out to be fine.  I kept loosing my stirrup though.

I’m leaning way to forward. Especially on a horse like Zazu 

Anyways, before my lesson, I took a few pictures…and here are a few:

A cute little mustang stealing food from it’s neighbor 🙂

Jewel (:  🙂

Peaking out 😀

Okay, I had a few more pictures, but those were my favorites.

I did some sketching (I got better…).  I know they are taken with a camera (sooo professional) because I’m too lazy to scan.  So here are some images:

The outline for my Prima drawing.

I know the muzzle is too small :p. D: I messed up on the mane…but I like it anyways.

This one is an old one. I tried to make it cartoonish…but it didn’t work so I ended up adding some details…it looked empty so I added a jump (and saddle for fun.)

Random doodle of a dog. One of my favs.

Anyways, those were some of my sketches…

Some more old pictures that you have NEVER seen before:

Smart Little Matt eating his breakfast.

Me riding Prima in the jumping arena.

Topper…always nickered for me.

Ranger 🙂 One of the first horses I petted. Last time I saw you, you nickered.

Horsie looking at me 🙂

That’s it for now!

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14 thoughts on “Photos…That You Have Never Seen

  1. Divergent says:

    you’re a better artist than me when it comes to horses *gasp* well i suck at drawing them..

    • Dakino says:

      Those were my better ones. I have at ton of fails. Thanks 🙂

      • Divergent says:

        Haha my best one i traced. And i really dont like zazu. We were gonna lope but couldnt because i had to ride him that afternoon!!! But the next day, i loped on ELKO!!!! I love that boy hes so sweet. But really crazy when it comes to loping around the arena. He was doing his like rearing thingys again. So i have to turn him around when were next in line. The moment he hears the word lope, he perks up and gets excited.

      • Dakino says:

        Oh Elko…. he didn’t do a rear with me but when we had to do a pattern he was spazzing all over the place. then he started loping when we were supposed to jog. You got to ride your fav horse! 🙂

      • Divergent says:

        Yay!!!!! LOL. WERE going on a lunnch ride today

  2. Divergent says:

    Haha apparently when i jog zazu, i do what my friend calls “the belly wave” when i sit his jog and stay in thesaddle

  3. Divergent says:

    haha random, but christina remembers me! LOL

  4. Ally says:

    Is jewel a palomino?

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