Early Release-Helmet Awareness Day

The following post is from my Horse Crazy…I do owe you a post and well, here  is an early release of Helmet Awareness Day WITHOUT the pictures.  Pictures will be posted later.

In case you didn’t know, tomorrow is Helmet Awareness Day.

So wear that helmet if you are riding tomorrow!

Here are some rules about wearing helmets:

1. Get a good fitting helmet

Get a helmet where you put it on and without putting the strap on, tilt your head downwards until your head parallel with the ground.  If it doesn’t fall off it is a good fitting helmet.  When you buckle up your strap you should be able to fit in one or two fingers.
I have a cool helmet where it is adjustable in the back where I can loosen and tighten it.  My strap is also adjustable.  This feature was created by Troxel.  It is awesome.  Adjustable straps are useful, but I like adjusting it every once in a while because it gets loose a bit sometimes.

2. Replace your helmet

The foam that protects your head does break down as you use it.  So it is a good idea to replace it at least every five years.  If you ride a lot and it is worn down replace it more frequently.  If you notice any damages replace it!  Definitely for sure replace it after a impact!

3. Take good care of it

Follow directions in a manual that comes with your helmet.  Don’t store it in conditions that are too hot or too cold.  Don’t throw it around because it will cause damage to the foam lining.  That would mean replacing it!  So treat your helmet with care.

Here are a few facts that remind you to wear your helmet:

  • 70,000 injuries per year are equestrian related.  12,000 of those have head injuries
  • 20% of injuries occur by just being around horses
  • Speed and height doesn’t effect the chance of getting a injury

Your helmet protects you!  So love it and wear it 🙂

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