Updates and Other Extra Things

Yeah, yeah, those of you who read this blog always gets the extra updates ahead of time.  Here are some updates:

#1: Saturday Schedule

Last week I did have my lesson at 11:00 (I guess I don’t have the steady time of 4:00).  But this week I will be having my lesson at a early morning 10:00.  I have to wake up even earlier than normal (of Saturdays) and then I have to get there earlier than I normally do (8:30 anyone?).  I’m not worried about waking up and things like that.  I’m more worried about dragging Prima out without her finishing her breakfast.

That’ll be difficult.  Here’s what I’m thinking of doing:

Drag her out and tie her looser than normal.  Give her her breakfast while I muck out her stall.

Sound good?

It’ll be hard dragging her out…not to mention get the halter on.

#2: Post Ideas

I’m running out of ideas to post on here…or else all the posts on here will have the same title as the one here.  Ideas…leave a comment.  Here are the types of post I have:

  • Behind the Posts-not many because I most of the time directly write the posts…not some crazy thing.
  • Extended Post-R-A-R-E…I normally don’t have really long posts that I cut down.
  • Guess That! Answers-I don’t really do GTs.
  • Horse Profile-There aren’t many horses that I know that much information about.
  • Updates-Most common…probably

#3: Special Video

I am making a special progress video that is EDITED.  Excited much?  It is edited to Maddi Jane’s cover of Price Tag.  I know that song is kind of old but I downloaded it.  It took me forever and there are a few imperfections, but it was SOOOOO hard to make…hope you like it when I post it 🙂

It’s going to be mostly a mush pot of clips of me riding Prima (some of just with her) with other things that I don’t normally throw into a video.

Here are a few sneak peeks of it:

Yeah, those are new clips from last week’s lesson on Prima.  We are doing so much better 😀

#4: Before Blogged Early Releases

As you may know I started a series called Before Blogged where I write about my experiences before I wrote about them or some deeper insight on the things I do write about.  However (you lucky ducks), on here, I have a page where Before Blogged is all gathered together.

And oh, what more?  It is placed into chapters and it is filtered out of my silly thoughts that I placed in (parenthesis).  Go check it out now!

You lucky people 🙂  Just to leave off on a good note, if you haven’t seen my video of my show on Jetta…:

I know, editing problem at the beginning

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One thought on “Updates and Other Extra Things

  1. Ally says:

    Which horse won 1rst place.

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