Student Horse Show-Last Year Flash Backs

Again, I am recalling last year’s show of Scotch’s antics.

Before I met up with Scotch’s silly antics, I was seriously nervous.  First of all, I had no idea what was going to happen what was going on since it was my first show.  I didn’t know what class I was in.

Last year I was going to be in Beginner Walk Jog Lope.  My top choice was Scotch, then Flyer (I think), and finally Tonto.  I didn’t ride Scotch much, but I knew he didn’t like being in the front of the line.  Little did I know that he was easily nervous…and very confused that day.

So when I rode him in, on the first lap, he got nervous and stopped dead half way. I gave him a sharp nudge and he walked on.  A few more circles and he headed straight for the gate and stopped…again.  I split my reins and turned him around.  Again, this time where there were people, he stopped dead, facing the rail.  Patiently but firmly, I turned him away from the people.

When it was time to lope, he got nervous because he was at the front of the line and he turned towards the rail and was nervous.  I turned him and asked for a lope.

After the show the judge will give us feedback and this was my feedback:

  • Scotch did misbehave but I dealt with it well
  • My hand was too low
  • My toes were pointing out

That was all I remember…

But anyways, I got a first place 🙂  I was so happy to get a first place on my first show.


I’m about to leave for the show!!! 😀  Excited much?  A little nervous.  :p  Well, I’ll just wait and see how it goes!

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