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Sneak Peek-Horseinality Reflection

[Here is a post that I am currently writing called “Horsinality Reflection” where I write about “horseinalities.” Here are a few short clips of the posts to get you a bit excited. I put an ellipsis wherever I took out some of the text ]

Horseinality /hawrsiˈnalitē/ (Noun) The combination of characteristics and/or qualities that form an individual equine’s distinctive character.

1. The Lazy Slow Poke

This is the horse that tries to go as slow as possible and drags it’s feet in the ground. The horse that you need to kick a lot and the horse that gets your legs tired. The one your instructor hands a crop to you when you are on them.

Garrod Farms Examples: Topper Tonic Al

2. The High-strung, speedy Gonzales

The horse that races ahead jumps ahead at any cue to go faster. This is the one that you jolt around on from speediness and have to constantly ask it to slow down.

Garrod Farms Examples: (there are a lot but here are some primes) Cisco Travis Joe

There is a feature of a horse that I really like is control of speed. Like if you want the horse to go fast it’ll go fast but if you want it to slow down it will slow down. I found that feature in Jetta and Star.

I also like horses that have comfortable gaits. Lakota has the best jog ever but Elko has the best lope ever. I don’t feel like I like any horse’s walk better but I do like a horse that doesn’t walk like it’s a parade all the time. (JOE!!!) 😉


Prima Progress Video-Just s t o p for a Minute and Smile

I forgot to share this…from those sneak peak pictures to this…

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Post Ideas…

As some of you may know, I’m on vacation…so I’m not riding (:'() BUT I’m still posting on both blogs (some people may think I’m weird to have this blog). And I do have some ideas.  Here are my ideas listed out:

1: The Riding Aids

I started a “series” long long time ago.  It all started out with The Vocal Aid.  Then I sort of kind of had a “follow up” (not really) called Kick vs. Squeeze, then I finally made The Leg Aid.  I guess I’m going to finish it up with these posts:

  1. Babysitting…?
  2. The Hand Aid
  3. Do I Push With My Seat?
  4. The Seat Aid

So I’m going to finish is it off.

2: Question/Answer

I’m thinking of “copying” (not really) 😉 Maya‘s Q/A posts.  But instead of a vlog, I will have a post where all the questions will be answered and placed on my FAQ page.  Okay, FAQ isn’t really Frequently Asked Questions.  It’s just a page for questions and answers.

3: Before Blogged

I’ll also continue my Before Blogged, but really soon it’s not to become Before Blogged.  It’s to become my riding story put together.  I think I still have to publish my Horse Hike “chapter.”  I also have one to insert in between Learning to Lope and My First Riding Experience, called Different Horses, Different Riding about Rimrock and his LONG neck.

4: Reflection

I feel like I want to write a reflection post about my reflection about riding horses…and what they are like and the different horseinalities.  So…that is an idea on the board.

If you have any ideas just leave a comment!  I WILL (promise) credit you if I use it.

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Summer Riding

Here are a few things that I am going to share early to you.

I am going to be on vacation from June 12 to somewhere in August (I don’t remember).  But…I won’t be here and not riding…so on my main blog I won’t be blogging about lessons anymore.  However, there is a chance I may ride.

I’m doing summer camp from 8/6-8/17.  I have to do Western B (for summer camp) because I am going in order…

I am going to enter the September Buckle Series.  I am going to enter Western Pleasure Walk/Jog and Equitation Walk/Jog.

That’s it for now 🙂

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Photos…That You Have Never Seen

Are you ready for some…NEVER BEFORE SEEN PICTURES?

Well lucky you.

As you know, I didn’t write about my lesson on Saturday…so here are some pictures!

Zazu-Bumpy TROT (so bumpy I got a cramp). A little hard to lope (DEATH TROT) once loping nice. Fast in an out of control way. (not like Cisco).

I didn’t write about that lesson..I don’t know why.  It was a wacky lesson though.  Zazu is a horse that is FAST in an OUT OF CONTROL way.  So I was nearly terrified when we were to lope in groups though, but it turned out to be fine.  I kept loosing my stirrup though.

I’m leaning way to forward. Especially on a horse like Zazu 

Anyways, before my lesson, I took a few pictures…and here are a few:

A cute little mustang stealing food from it’s neighbor 🙂

Jewel (:  🙂

Peaking out 😀

Okay, I had a few more pictures, but those were my favorites.

I did some sketching (I got better…).  I know they are taken with a camera (sooo professional) because I’m too lazy to scan.  So here are some images:

The outline for my Prima drawing.

I know the muzzle is too small :p. D: I messed up on the mane…but I like it anyways.

This one is an old one. I tried to make it cartoonish…but it didn’t work so I ended up adding some details…it looked empty so I added a jump (and saddle for fun.)

Random doodle of a dog. One of my favs.

Anyways, those were some of my sketches…

Some more old pictures that you have NEVER seen before:

Smart Little Matt eating his breakfast.

Me riding Prima in the jumping arena.

Topper…always nickered for me.

Ranger 🙂 One of the first horses I petted. Last time I saw you, you nickered.

Horsie looking at me 🙂

That’s it for now!

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Early Release-Helmet Awareness Day

The following post is from my Horse Crazy…I do owe you a post and well, here  is an early release of Helmet Awareness Day WITHOUT the pictures.  Pictures will be posted later.

In case you didn’t know, tomorrow is Helmet Awareness Day.

So wear that helmet if you are riding tomorrow!

Here are some rules about wearing helmets:

1. Get a good fitting helmet

Get a helmet where you put it on and without putting the strap on, tilt your head downwards until your head parallel with the ground.  If it doesn’t fall off it is a good fitting helmet.  When you buckle up your strap you should be able to fit in one or two fingers.
I have a cool helmet where it is adjustable in the back where I can loosen and tighten it.  My strap is also adjustable.  This feature was created by Troxel.  It is awesome.  Adjustable straps are useful, but I like adjusting it every once in a while because it gets loose a bit sometimes.

2. Replace your helmet

The foam that protects your head does break down as you use it.  So it is a good idea to replace it at least every five years.  If you ride a lot and it is worn down replace it more frequently.  If you notice any damages replace it!  Definitely for sure replace it after a impact!

3. Take good care of it

Follow directions in a manual that comes with your helmet.  Don’t store it in conditions that are too hot or too cold.  Don’t throw it around because it will cause damage to the foam lining.  That would mean replacing it!  So treat your helmet with care.

Here are a few facts that remind you to wear your helmet:

  • 70,000 injuries per year are equestrian related.  12,000 of those have head injuries
  • 20% of injuries occur by just being around horses
  • Speed and height doesn’t effect the chance of getting a injury

Your helmet protects you!  So love it and wear it 🙂

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Favorite YouTubers

Here are some fav. YouTubers that I love watching:


I love Gemma’s videos so much (I literally watch them everyday) 🙂 She posts often. She has a beautiful paint Irish draft cross named Murphy!


I love Ally’s videos as well (watch them everyday too.) She posts pretty often. She owns a mare named Callie


Maya’s channel! She rides Aramyste I believe is an Arabian mare. I love watching her videos and it’s nice to see her ride (since I’ve met her and never seen her ride before 🙂 ) Visit her blog by clicking HERE…now!


She rides at Garrod Farms and I used to help her take care of Prima in her shows (click here…I look awk.). She now leases a Lipizzaner/TB cross.


Kyla rides both English and Western. I don’t know much about her yet, but I do watch her videos!


Rides both English and Western as well. Don’t know much about her…yet.


She rides at Garrod Farms and owns a mustang mare named Viva.


Another Garrod Farms rider that leases a horse named Boog.

And don’t forget to visit MY channel! I know they aren’t the best videos and none of them are edited, but there is soon to be an edited video (as said in my previous post)… Click HERE.

I know, I have such a lame username. My favorite video that I posted was probably the loping video.

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Updates and Other Extra Things

Yeah, yeah, those of you who read this blog always gets the extra updates ahead of time.  Here are some updates:

#1: Saturday Schedule

Last week I did have my lesson at 11:00 (I guess I don’t have the steady time of 4:00).  But this week I will be having my lesson at a early morning 10:00.  I have to wake up even earlier than normal (of Saturdays) and then I have to get there earlier than I normally do (8:30 anyone?).  I’m not worried about waking up and things like that.  I’m more worried about dragging Prima out without her finishing her breakfast.

That’ll be difficult.  Here’s what I’m thinking of doing:

Drag her out and tie her looser than normal.  Give her her breakfast while I muck out her stall.

Sound good?

It’ll be hard dragging her out…not to mention get the halter on.

#2: Post Ideas

I’m running out of ideas to post on here…or else all the posts on here will have the same title as the one here.  Ideas…leave a comment.  Here are the types of post I have:

  • Behind the Posts-not many because I most of the time directly write the posts…not some crazy thing.
  • Extended Post-R-A-R-E…I normally don’t have really long posts that I cut down.
  • Guess That! Answers-I don’t really do GTs.
  • Horse Profile-There aren’t many horses that I know that much information about.
  • Updates-Most common…probably

#3: Special Video

I am making a special progress video that is EDITED.  Excited much?  It is edited to Maddi Jane’s cover of Price Tag.  I know that song is kind of old but I downloaded it.  It took me forever and there are a few imperfections, but it was SOOOOO hard to make…hope you like it when I post it 🙂

It’s going to be mostly a mush pot of clips of me riding Prima (some of just with her) with other things that I don’t normally throw into a video.

Here are a few sneak peeks of it:

Yeah, those are new clips from last week’s lesson on Prima.  We are doing so much better 😀

#4: Before Blogged Early Releases

As you may know I started a series called Before Blogged where I write about my experiences before I wrote about them or some deeper insight on the things I do write about.  However (you lucky ducks), on here, I have a page where Before Blogged is all gathered together.

And oh, what more?  It is placed into chapters and it is filtered out of my silly thoughts that I placed in (parenthesis).  Go check it out now!

You lucky people 🙂  Just to leave off on a good note, if you haven’t seen my video of my show on Jetta…:

I know, editing problem at the beginning

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Student Horse Show-Last Year Flash Backs

Again, I am recalling last year’s show of Scotch’s antics.

Before I met up with Scotch’s silly antics, I was seriously nervous.  First of all, I had no idea what was going to happen what was going on since it was my first show.  I didn’t know what class I was in.

Last year I was going to be in Beginner Walk Jog Lope.  My top choice was Scotch, then Flyer (I think), and finally Tonto.  I didn’t ride Scotch much, but I knew he didn’t like being in the front of the line.  Little did I know that he was easily nervous…and very confused that day.

So when I rode him in, on the first lap, he got nervous and stopped dead half way. I gave him a sharp nudge and he walked on.  A few more circles and he headed straight for the gate and stopped…again.  I split my reins and turned him around.  Again, this time where there were people, he stopped dead, facing the rail.  Patiently but firmly, I turned him away from the people.

When it was time to lope, he got nervous because he was at the front of the line and he turned towards the rail and was nervous.  I turned him and asked for a lope.

After the show the judge will give us feedback and this was my feedback:

  • Scotch did misbehave but I dealt with it well
  • My hand was too low
  • My toes were pointing out

That was all I remember…

But anyways, I got a first place 🙂  I was so happy to get a first place on my first show.


I’m about to leave for the show!!! 😀  Excited much?  A little nervous.  :p  Well, I’ll just wait and see how it goes!

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