Student Horse Show-Preparation-Boots

I cleaned my boots today.  It was an extremely long and tedious job since I don’t clean my boots that often.  Plus, I don’t have any proper materials to clean boots with (not even leather oil!)  I started off, trying to scrub dirt off using a tooth brush (o-mighty brave toothbrush) but after a little bit, I knew all the dirt wasn’t going to come off.

Then I wet the toothbrush with water and began scrubbing.  It appeared to be working until I took a paper towel and wiped it across.  On the paper towel was dirt.  I scrubbed and repeated the process over and over again.  I believe it took a good one and half hours if not two hours.


Do you want to clean this?

Yup, this is the problem of wearing the pants around the boots.

This HAS to be the worst part.

After the tedious hour and half (two…hours)….


Much better…eh?

No more line…there…anymore.


It took forever to dry (always air dry boots unless you have special boot dryers!).  But it turned out pretty nicely.  I found a lot of little things that happened to my boots.  for instance the top flappy thing near the top was flipped off (you have no idea what I’m talking about).  My boot heel was cracked a little.  The inside sides of my boots were rubbed until it was smooth.

Well, that’s it.  I’m not going to make a post for my helmet, but I’m considering cleaning the outside a little.

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