Behind the Posts-Quoting the Fridays #9

This was the photo for the quote:

I read this quote and immediately wanted to make a Quoting the Fridays out of it.  I love this quote.  It reminds people not to only talk to the horses, but listen to them.  Horses can tell you a lot just by their body language.

SPOILER ALERT!  I remember in The Saddle Club-High Horse-Season 1 Episode 24, Kristi reveals a talent for horse whispering.  In trying to impress everyone, she uses Dime instead of Comanche because he is a “trouble horse” for biting Melanie every time she approaches him with a saddle.  She was humiliated on TV when she fails to fix his problem.  The Saddle Club go to save her and tell the viewers to “Shut up and listen.”

Getting the photo of Cody wasn’t that hard.  I arrived at Garrod Farms early that day for my lesson on Prima.  He was still eating his breakfast and he always pauses to say hi to me.  I snapped the picture just as he raised his head.

I used PicMonkey to edit my photo.  I clicked “Auto-Fix,” but I didn’t like it because they lightened the exposure so you could see the inside of his stall.  I wanted to have his face “disappearing” into the darkness, so I fiddled with their features.  Then I used the effect, “Dusk” on my photo to give that brownish look.  I added the text and used the font, Bilbo Swash Caps.

It turned out well, didn’t it?  I love how his coat is super shiny without any stable stains.

That’s it for now…later!

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