For those of you reading this…you get a special update!

I apologize for not posting (long time no see) because I haven’t been getting much ideas…do you have any “extras” ideas?  Well, anyways, I have a few special updates you might not know if you only read Horse Crazy.

#1: Saturday Schedule

My Sat. Schedule is a bit messed up because my private lesson is at 11:00 rather than the normal 4:00 because Christina had to reschedule…so I’ll be up and awake.  I’ll be at Garrod Farms pretty early (earlier than normal) because I have to take care of Prima.  I have to do all the things before riding her (turn out, grooming, tacking up…)  I’ll assure you she’ll probably be done with breakfast by then. (But I hope she doesn’t have some sort of important “after-breakfast-nap…” That would be very troublesome.)

I’ll still have my 1:00 group lesson.

#2: New Chart

I call it my Prima Goal Chart, because I want to improve on her more and more… Here is one of last week’s lesson:

Spook #: 1
Thing improved: Responsiveness to jogging.
Thing Learned: Raise standards so Prima needs to reach to meet the standards.
Thing to Fix: Turning when asked.

Just a note: mainly she spooked because there were yapping dogs in the barns and I tried to keep her focused…but no.  She “spooked.

I hope this does help me, but I’ll try to remember to put it at the end of each Prima-Lesson Post.  It kind of sums up the whole lesson including things that aren’t in the post.  Like the idea?

#3: YOUTUBE account!

This one is probably the one I’m MOST excited about.  I finally made a YouTube account!!! YAY!  I have a video with me riding in it…and you should get a prize for checking this extras blog… so here is the video:


I’m using a free editing program (Windows Live Movie Maker) so there aren’t much affects and no music (excuse me, I don’t buy music), but I like the idea of putting videos together.  I do want to have cooler effects, but for now, I’m fine with just stringing videos together.

So I do have some video ideas coming up (hint hint…PRIMA).  Now I’m sort of obsessed with posting videos… :P.  So now I feel like putting together a ton of my old videos (I have A LOT)…but…no.

So those are my SPECIAL updates for those of you readers out there.

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