GT! Answers-4/5/2012

Yes, we are back with GT!  If you did not come from my GT! post and you have no idea what GT! is…well you should visit where we came from by clicking here, or else the answers would be spoiled (that wouldn’t be good, would it?)!

Here are the answers:


Meet the lovely Pasha.  Isn’t Pasha such a  beauty?  The lovely dark liver chestnut and bright white markings…okay, okay fine, I’ll tell you what breed this beauty is.  Pasha is a…drum roll…Morgan!


Meet Smart Little Matt (barn name of…you guessed it!…Matt).  He is a quarter horse gelding (not sure of age) and he is a trained reiner (a bit).  He is owned by my riding instructor, Christina.  Okay, enough with the babbling, he has a star and a stripe.  His “friend” (not really) CD is peaking in the background.  He had what we call a blaze.  The difference between a blaze and a stripe?  A blaze you can fit two fingers in the white area.


Okay, the one you have  been waiting for.  The one that is difficult and harder than the rest…well what breed is it?  This breed is quite the horse breed.  It was first bred by a man named Patrick Newell.  It was passed on, generation through generation, the little herd of horses that he bred.  Then they sent them to the US and they became an official breed.  If you have been reading my Equine E-Letters you would’ve known from my facts that this horse is quite the small horse, in fact it is a miniature horse!  To be very exact….drum roll…falabella!

So we were back with GT…I hope you enjoyed it and…well…that’s it for now…

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2 thoughts on “GT! Answers-4/5/2012

  1. cowgirliz says:

    Pasha looks very much like the older style of Morgan… not the “new & improved” variety made to step super high. What a lovely girl.

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