Horse Profile: Prima

Show Name: don’t know (i once found out her actual show name but I don’t remember it)
Barn Name: Prima
Age: 10 years (possibly 11 now?)
Gender: mare
Breed: Registered paint
Color: bay tobiano pinto
Markings: star and mealy muzzle
Height: 15 something hh
Personality: Mareish at times, sassy, sweet, treat loving, lazy, funny
Quirks & Habits: When riding, and stops for a break in front of people, she loves snorting out snot at them.  Trys to eat stuff in your hand until she finds out it isn’t a treat.  When in stall and not sleeping or eating, her head is stuck into Cody’s stall
Fun Facts:  Prima’s BFF is a TB Gelding named Cody next door to her.  Prima had been trained to do her business outside but then she started doing it inside [:(].  Prima has a habit to play with the muck out things behind her stall (note shovel in picture).  She often knocks her jolly ball out side of her stall (and it’s up to ME to put it back).  She has a classic color of purple
Likes: food, food, food, food, food, food, FOOD!  (especially treats like carrots, peppermints, and horse cookies) and of course pets and attention
Dislikes: Saddles, cinches, bridle, whips, spurs
Location: lives in a stall at Garrod Farms next to her BFF, Cody 🙂



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