Stuck in the Saddle 1 Improovements

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I read over Stuck in the Saddle 1 and made a few improvements that I would want to make.  I decided, well, since I have this extras blog, why not post it?  So here they are…just to warn you, some are a little awkward.

First Stuck in the Saddle My thoughts and improvements
Have you ever climbed aboard a horse, rode it and when  you got off, you wondered why you got off so fast?Stuck in the SaddleIn every lesson, I think to my self, Cherish this moment, you’ll be thinking later, I didn’t cherish this moment well enough.  But have I or have I not?  I’ve always thought, the weekend seems so…well special now.  Instead of being at the beginning and the end of the week, they are just one clump at the end of the week.  It seems to me as if Monday is the start of the week and Sunday is the end.I should say, I’m stuck in the saddle and I feel as if I can never get out.  I talk about horses every day.  I dream I “see” I think, I do everything except actually being with a horse.  What is going on?  I love horses, going to Garrod Farms, riding horses and taking Garrod Farms lessons.  I even wrote an entire blog about Garrod Farms! (Tiny Steps)

Being Horse Crazy

What would you say being ‘stuck in the saddle’ means?  Is it a different way of saying…’I’m horse crazy?’  I mean there are five things you have to be to be horse crazy….here they are:

  1. Love Horses
  2. Addicted to Horses
  3. Crazy about Horses
  4. Dream about Horses
  5. Think about horses

I mean like being horse crazy is very simple.  And it is a special thing.  Well, you’ve only heard of horse crazy….right?  Well I’ve never heard of dog crazy, or cat crazy….I guess horse crazy is now an official term

I Googled the term ‘horse crazy’ and out popped a lot of things.  Like…well, a movie, multiple websites, books, a ranch….how much more can you get?  Horses aren’t the most popular animal, but they are the animal many people fall in love with and get stuck in the saddle.

[image removed]

Even my header images are of me riding!  Right?  First it was Kash (above), then it was Easy, then Raider, and now Prima….who is it next?  Annie?  And they are all of me riding!  That means I’m stuck…in the saddle.

Saddle Seats

Maybe the saddle can be my new chair.  But true you can get saddle sore….

Loving Horses

Back on the topic….
It is amazing how in love you can get with horses.

Have you ever wondered why you so suddenly looked at a horse and knew it would be your best friend?

Definitely for me.  Jetta.  The sweet TB bay horse that fell in love with me.  I instantly fell in love with him too.

[Image removed]

And even created special headers…with words of to love horses…

[Image removed]

And if you are wondering, the horses from left to right: Kash, Joe, Playa, Jetta.

Describing Horses

No one has asked me to describe horses in five words.  It would be very difficult considering how amazing they are.  But this is what I would say:

  1. Regal
  2. Beautiful
  3. Tempting
  4. Lovable
  5. Flawless

And why did I choose these words?
~Regal-horses just seem so royal, from the way they carry their heads to the way they walk.  Don’t you think so?
~Beautiful-Horses just seem beautiful, the way their body is shaped like perfect craftsmanship.  Lines flawless
~Tempting-the animals tempt you to do things you never thought you could’ve done.  If you have ridden a lope/canter very fast, you’ll feel you are flying.  And humans finally fly.
~Lovable-just simple when you see a horse and can’t resist petting it.
~Flawless-just look at Beautiful

All these words just put together a horse perfectly…amazing isn’t it?  But they are definitely more words the world can imagine to describe a horse.  Looking at a horse, it is difficult to pry your eyes away.  The soft fluffy fur, silky mane, smooth lines in the neck. Just an amazing animal.

Talking about Horses

It is nearly impossible to not talk about horses one day.  Either it is actually talking, or just a blog, I do it multiple times a day.  Talking about horses.  To anyone, other horse lovers, non horse lovers, and even people I drive crazy just talking about horses.

Do you ever just talk about horses and never stop?  Just rambling on and on about horses?  I guess I’m doing that right now, but this is what the blog is all about right?  Horses!  But I guess my entire life isn’t built on only horses.

Blogging About Horses

I guess I’m taking this a little too far with all this blabber, you must’ve been bored to death.  But blogging about horses is just a thing I do…It seems to me almost like another hobby…I managed to build this blog about horses, you and me, and managed to get up to 5,700 views…in less than a year.

Blogging about horses is a fun thing  to do, you get to read other people’s horsey blog, read your old posts, think about the time when you didn’t have that much readers or comments…

A Little Note

I am surprised you managed to read that ridiculously long post.  You could’ve done more in the past three minutes.  But I guess you chose to read this really long post.  Well if you managed to read through all my blabber, you deserve a prize.

Well I guess I should tell you about Stuck in the Saddle.  Stuck in the Saddle will now be a category.  It will just be ramblings and just stuff about my thoughts on horses.


<–Better beginning possibly?<-Proofread! :P}–Really repeating myself…:P


<–insert examples…

<–well, not true..assumption…L

<–Should’ve been longer…added to another section?  To the paragraph where I had stuck in the saddle?  Un needed info?

<–uh…more examples?

<–Er…might as well put in parenthesis

<–awkward use…should use bullet points.


<–should put at beginning…or was it the prize…

Formatting didn’t quite go as well as I intended it to be. It got really messed up.

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3 thoughts on “Stuck in the Saddle 1 Improovements

  1. Dakino says:

    They got REALLY messed up 😛

  2. Divergent says:

    it’s improvements dx

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