Behind the Posts-RFW

I had a Riding Form Week on my other blog and it was a lengthy process.  I started with a string of thoughts…here is basically what I was thinking:

  • I see a lot of other blogs doing longer events
  • It looks a little fun
  • what could I do it on?

Then I had a little thought wriggling in my mind saying:

  • People want riding tips and other tips!

So then there was another string of thought that created the idea:

  • Oh, well people want riding tips and I want to do like a week event
  • Oh I can do a week on riding form
  • I guess I could call it Riding Form Week!
  • Focusing on Riding Form from “head to toe”
  • I could split the body into parts
  • each day could be focused on one part
  • I might forget, so i should put it on word document ahead
  • I think I should get started with a button and calender!

I came up with a nice calender:

I thought of it and was thinking…feet should be sort of with legs, so I put feet with legs.  I wrote them on a word document.  It looked like this:

It took a lot of time and thought to put it together.  But after a while, I finished most of it.  For the first few days, I copied and pasted the posts.  But there was one night where I couldn’t find the feel to type it up so I wrote it on a piece of paper.  I copied it onto a post.

Basically that is how Riding Form Week came to be!

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